Saturday, January 31, 2009

battle wounds...

Finally, physical evidence I am a runner. In all my miles I have never fallen down running, at least not physically. This in and of itself is amazing because I'm one of the least graceful people you will meet, all gangly limbs going every which way, all awkward and skinny, always tripping and dropping things. But never on a run, somehow I always managed to stay on my feet despite many a close call. Locomotion, indeed.

Until today. And it was a darn good fall.

I mean really, check that sucker out, impressive eh? The knee is clearly the most impressive, but that hand wound was through my running glove! My knee bled all day long, through teaching class and even still tonight it's ooozzzziinnnnngggg. Too bad the pictures still don't do it justice, it is much deeper than it looks.

But seriously, if you know me in any way at all you would know that if I'm going to do something like fall, I'm not going to half-ass it. I have standards. On my early morning 5-miler today I got tripped up and I kid you not, I literally flew through the air, I knew I was airborne because I had time to think about the fact that I was falling and actually process how to land--that had never happened before.

I was all.... Mmmmm, I think I'm flying through the air, how did this happen, how am I going to land, oh hey guy driving the Jeep, WHAT UP just falling here, and then I was all OMG don't hit face, don't hit face, don't hit face, spare the foot (the one that had the stress fracture)! AND BAM, down I went. It was just....incredible. It hurt like a mother. I even tore my heavy running pants, I'm just that thorough! So here's to popping my 'falling on a run cherry'... now tell me how awesome I am.



Oz Runner said...

ouch...sorry about the fall and knee scrape....did anyone see you? hope this doesn't put too much of a damper on your training...

the gibsons said...

OWWWW!! both classy and hard core all in one run, that's for certain. however, rest easy, for you aren't the only one with battle wounds...i'm pretty sure it's a requirement in training. this is a text i got from my dad last week:

"so, did 15 in the cold and wind. slipped on a patch of ice at mile 4 on the bike path and crashed face first into the asphalt. blood poured from my nose and i royally scraped my nose and knee. got up and finished the last 11 looking like i'd been in the ring with ali. no wonder people looked at me funny this morning. the hazzards of cold weather running in the midwest..."