Friday, January 2, 2009

new years day, frosty 5k...

After sleeping in on New Years day, I got up, made coffee and breakfast, cleaned the house, forced Ed out of bed and we got ready to run (the race wasn't until 11a). We met Katie, Liz, and Kristen, and together the Fair Weather Runners ran the Frosty 5K in downtown Wichita, which supports the YMCA Strong Kids campaign. This isn't the first year for this race, but it's the first year any of us decided to do it.

We all had a great race! This was Ed's first 5K and he didn't stop to walk one time! It was seriously impressive since he hadn't yet run three miles up to race day. It was my first 5K since 2006 and I got a PR, which surprised me. I finished in 26:45, I was shooting for anything under 27:00 and since I hadn't run faster than a 9:15 mile since my injury, I couldn't complain. It was sunny and 36 degrees, but it got a little chilly as we ran along the river into the wind and up the hills. I think I have a chest cold coming on because my chest burned for quite awhile after the race, I'm attributing it to the cold air, my lack of running in the past week (yep, didn't run a step on vacation), the chest cold, and perhaps all the gasping I did during the race...

Kristen also got a PR, Liz and Katie finished close behind and we were all there to cheer Ed to the finish line. I was so proud of him, he ran one-minute-per-mile faster than his last race (which was a two-miler), and I was excited that he had done his first 5K. He later told me that he even did the race listening to "shuffled" music on his iPhone which consisted of mellow music that he couldn't change because of his gloves, so he gets more mad props for that. After the race we headed to a local breakfast spot and had brunch. In all, it was a delicious and perfect start to 2009!

(race pictures will be added soon)

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the gibsons said...

YAY!!!!! sounds like a fantastic race....and GREAT JOB on the PR; bet that feels amazing!

woo hoo for 2009...the year of the runner!

(i don't think that's the official slogan for 2009...but it's my mantra at least...just to clarify...)