Thursday, May 28, 2009

best part of my day...

Time to list it up, and there is one thing from yesterday, so don't judge on my inability to post in a prompt manner.

1. Lunch at Abuelos, because yet another co-worker is leaving, which is sad because I heart her. It's official, all my favorite people have left the building :( But it was a fun and yummy lunch to celebrate a fantastic person!

2. Ed and I decided to get out of town this weekend to celebrate six years of making it through being married. We decided to celebrate with a last minute weekend getaway! Any guesses where we are going? I mean really, because I have no idea.

3. Katie and I met at the Park last night to do intervals after work. I am terrified of doing speed work outdoors because I always feel like I will suck. But guess what? We didn't suck. We did 4x800's, with a one mile warm up, 5 minutes between each 800 and about a 10 minute cool down. We felt pretty great about our run. Katie kept track of overall time and distance on her Garmin, I tracked only the intervals on mine.

Here are our interval stats:
Run Distance: 2.0 Miles

Average Pace: 7:48
Best Pace: 6:16 (score)
Calories Burned: 213

Our total distance was about 4.5 miles, I'm not sure on total time, hopefully I'll get those stats from Katie tonight since we are meeting at the park again for an easy run.

Even though I was nervous to do speed work outside, we were hitting my goal pace thanks to the handy dandy pace calculators I have been using. My goal interval training pace is between 7:30s and 7:50s for 800's. So last nights 800's weren't as fast as I would have liked, but hey, this is only my second week doing speed work, so I say not bad.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Have fun on your anniversary trip to...well...wherever it is you are going! I'm sure it will be fun.

californiameaghan said...

abilene has some surprisingly wonderful b&bs... one is on an emu farm. its no beef but an emy steak is surprisingly good.

also, i would be proud to sport a tema robinson size in small... i usually get small or medium anyways. YAY!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

happy anniversary, have a great weekend away :)

aNd! said...

Have fun on your getaway!

tiffany said...

happy anni my dear, fluffy friend. thank you for celebrating my last day at work - queso is NEVEER as delish as it is when shared with YOU. miss you already. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Nice job on the speed work.

Ashley said...

NICE WORK!!! I'm sure my already slow pace will be ridiculous when I return to running, lol. I'm impressed!!!

Have fun on your trip to who-knows-where this weekend!! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

SPEEDY! YIPPEE!! No need to fear the outdoors, you proved that.

Me and hubs are approaching 6 years too.. Have a great time, where you go..

Hey, will you do me a favor and tell Ashley that I can't post comments on her site because it breaks my computer :)

Marlene said...

I find it so hard to run intervals outside because I'm terrible at controlling my pace. Great job on the workout!

Have a good weekend!

Ace said...

I say, better than not bad, well done! And grats on the anniversary.
6th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Candy or Iron
Modern Gifts: Wood

So the trip will be camping in the woods melting candy marshmallows on iron stakes?

J said...

Enjoy your anniversary weekend! Todays my parents anniversary! 38 years of marriage! Great job on the 800s, I did 800s today and it was a killer! Keep up the good work, it will pay off! Plus having a running buddy definitely helps!

Irish Cream said...

Ooh yay, hope you are having a fabulous anniversary trip!!

Great job with the speed training--I am completely unable to pace myself and am therefore terrified to do it outside. But maybe I should start forcing myself . . . I'll have to learn eventually!