Thursday, April 1, 2010

best part of my day.

First off. It's my good friend Indika's Birthday today. She has a blahg of her very own, so feel free to go wish this little running Sri Lankan a happy day and good luck with her first upcoming Half Marathon. She's the best! We went to college together and randomly met up again on Facebook a year and a half ago and realized we were both running. It's been so fantastic having her back in my life again.

In addition to that, I'm pretty sure the fact that THIS GIRL (a fellow blahggie) and I realized that we not only live in the same town, are not only runners and are running marathons in the next few months, not only go to the same yoga studio (well i haven't gone in awhile), but in addition, our husbands have the same career, ranked pretty high in my day.

Ohhhh it's a good day when you get a 'find' like this my friends. Pretty sure Hannah is going to be subjected to The Lawyer and I now on a regular basis. LUCKY. But hey, after I stalked her and let her know flat out I'm creepy, she responded saying she already approves of me, so meh.

Basically we spent the day going back and forth over all our commonalities, squealing like 10 year old girls (i'm sure you were doing that too hannah, i just KNOW it) during each email, reviewing all the people we know. Yep, 10 year old girls! I'm already trying to convince her to be a summer running buddy!

What a small, small blahggie world we live in. I like it. Insert girl squeal here!

(oh and should i make a lame disclaimer that this is in no way shape or form some kind of stupid april fool's thing? well, there it is, lame disclaimer. people, i meant all of that!)


RunnuRMark said... unlike you to get excited about something like that and act like a 12-yo. so did you use that cool 'topeka' search engine to do your stalking?? :)

Indi said...

Aww..thanks for the shoutout!! and I think I hear the squealing:)

Hannah said...

I totally sqealed!

Fate, I tell ya. And expect that psychotically long email tomorrow.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

So what your saying is that you are coming with your new BFF Hannah to Seattle Rock N Roll?? Hmmmm?? It is sold out but I know people..

thanks for the reminder of Bday, have to go sing virtual style.

desperately seeking redemption said...

somehow i feel like i'm being replaced. ;-) be good to her hannah, she's a keeper!!

Marlene said...

I get giddy and squealy when I discover commalities with people... it must be a girl thing. :)

Hope you had a great Easter weekend!