Wednesday, July 14, 2010

13 weeks to chicago.

I'm a few weeks into training for Chicago, and it finally set in, I AM RUNNING CHICAGO! This fact makes me a happy girl. You see, I have a list. I love lists by the way, they are fantastic, they make my world feel right somehow.

This list is short and sweet and it contains my ultimate must run marathons in my lifetime:
1) Chicago
2) New York
3) San Francisco Nike Women's

Notice Boston isn't on there? I think I could happily end my running career having done those three marathons and never qualifying, I'm actually kinda over the BQ thing for some reason. I just don't care anymore. I know, I can't even believe I wrote that, but it's true. I'm not sure the above listed marathons will all happen, but having No. 1 crossed of the list? Well, that will do for now.

Chicago. So far training has gone well, last week was a bit lax, but that's because I was on vacation. So meh. I still got in some great hilly runs and plenty of rest (which is vital for my running i have learned). Now that I'm back home I am staying on schedule, and feeling good. I'm not even worried about jinxing myself by writing about Chicago, or how I've remained injury free so far, or how I'm loving my runs, or how great I'm feeling inside and out, or how my monthly mileage for Chicago is already surpassing what I did the first two months for OKC. Even though it's hot, muggy and generally disgusting running weather. I love it. I'm excited to get out the door at 5:30a 4-5 days a week to run. And this is why.

Since Chicago is sort of my 'see what I'm made of and if marathons are for me' race (ha race, i use that term loosely). I am giving this marathon everything I have. EVERYTHING. I will run when I'm tired, when I don't feel like getting up at 5a, or feel beat down and over it (uhhh, hello 20 milers in august in kansas with 90 degrees and 70% humidity, can you say hell) or just don't wanna. The thing is I can't run this marathon without giving it my best, something I've never given a marathon before. Yeah I'm totally admitting that. I have never given a marathon my all, and hopefully that's why the past 1.9 marathons didn't go so well for me. I have to go out knowing Chicago got every ounce of everything "running" I had.

I'm still on the no-plan-plan. Kind of. I am planning out my weekend long runs, simply out of necessity: you know, general respect of my spouse and his schedule and needs, being out of town a few weekends during training, a little sanity, etc. My goal is to get up to 45 - 50 miles at the peak of my training. Starting now with no less than 30 miles a week (exception of last week's vacation), and cross train like nobody's business. Please note that at the height of OKC training? I was around 32 miles, that just isn't gonna hack it.

Whew, so now that I have all of that off my chest, in the next few weeks, as I chronicle my Chicago countdown, I plan to include bits and pieces from what I think happened in OKC, what I've learned and different things I'm finding work for me and my running. All of the above? Yeah, it's all for me to note and look back on, stuff you may not care about. Between those posts? I'll still offer you the good stuff.... don't you worry.

Week 3 - Chicago Training:
Tuesday - 4.37 of wicked hills
Thursday - 4
Friday - 5
Saturday - 12
Total = 25.37


Coachhrd said...

Get psyched up for this race. It is a great experience.

Teamarcia said...

WOOT for Chicago! It will not disappoint--unless it's uber hot like it was the first time I ran it but I ordered cool for this year. Your other 2 are on my bucket list as well. Good luck with your training!

abbi said...

Sounds like training is going well! Looking forward to hearing more about it and your insight from your previous experiences too!!

Marlene said...


13 weeks to Chicago means 14 to my race. Eeeek!

Chicago is on my list... and NYC too. So jealous!

Indi said...

Go FWR go!!! Me sad me missing this one :( But I know I'll be staying updated as you rock that finish line in Chi-Town!! And then we can have the GG fun!!! You are going to be great!

Lisa said...

wooot! 13 weeks will go by quickly, race will be here before you know it!

Anonymous said...

I applied to run NYC- I really want 2012! I would also love to do Nike! Chicago is going to be here before you know it!!!!

RunnuRMark said...

Yeah, I'm still a teency bit jealous about this one. Okay, maybe a lot jealous. Keep up the good work - I know you'll get what you want if you keep going at it hard.