Tuesday, December 23, 2008

just like eight year olds...

Ed and I are nearly 30, yet when it comes to surprises, gifts, Christmas, birthdays, we are total children. I actually feel sorry for our future child because we will obviously steal any thunder and joy he might glean at any type of holiday or birthday. He will be all... seriously guys, I'm three, let me have my moment with Santa and the gifts, COME ON!!

Ed and I decided our household might be better suited to Hanukkah (mom, I don't want your head to explode here, don't worry I still love the Jesus and celebrate only Christmas!) Seriously, for the past week we have each been opening a gift a night from each other. I suppose this is the type of fun we can eek out of the holidays since we don't have have said child for the, "spaz out while hyperventilating and flying all around the living over his latest Apple gadget" (because we will surely be parents to an uber-nerd), kind of experience that comes with kids and Christmas. Instead, we settle for opening one gift a night the week leading up to Christmas, and chasing Milo around trying to put antler ears on him after eight glasses of eggnog.

As of tonight, after Christmas with my parents, we will officially be out of gifts to open. However, in our defense, and to appease those mature people who don't touch gifts until Christmas day, we don't want to lug all our presents (hellloooo a slalom ski in addition to everything else in our SUV just isn't logical) to Colorado with us. So really, it was the most logical choice. Besides, we'll be enjoying one of God's greatest gifts on Christmas morning, being full of (and loving) life while skiing on the mountain he made for us to enjoy. What more could we need? This is why I love Christmas, so what if you break the rules a little. Isn't Christmas a time of giving and joy? If it brings you joy to give a little early then so be it.

Merry Christmas! I hope it's as delightful and childlike as possible while being a mature, responsible adult. In fact I hope everyone can shed the mature, responsible adult-ness and experience the child like joy that was meant to fill our hearts!

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