Monday, January 26, 2009

10 miles. 19 degrees. stomach bug. doughnuts...

This weeks training plan called for a 10-miler. I was so exhausted on Saturday morning that I could barely see to text the message to Emily that I wasn’t up for running after the week I’d had. I ended up running yesterday morning at 8a with Kristen, the running lawyer.

However, I’m thinking that despite the exhaustion and sore legs that I faced on Saturday morning, I should have sucked it up and ran anyway. Because no matter the pain, I’m guessing a run on Saturday would have been more bearable than what I did yesterday. It involved running 10 miles in 19-degree-sunless-wind-chilled weather while fighting the urge to run to the restroom every quarter mile (because yes I ended up getting Ed’s stomach bug). If you have never run with some sort of belly virus I highly recommend it, because once you do, after that, when facing a long run with a small blister, minor aches, or a sleepless night, it will seem like a breeze.

Besides the weather and the stomach, we had the pure torture of running directly behind the Krispy Kreme. And despite the evil stomach bug, I was still on that stupid cleanse and hadn’t had nearly enough sugar lately. The warm delectable smell wafting our way on the cold wind caused me to come to the point where I would have stolen an entire box of doughnuts from the next guy exiting that place. I would have promptly taken the gooey doughnuty goodness behind the Dillon’s dumpster and eaten them all in two minutes flat. Screw the run. And Kristen. I wasn’t going to share. I could walk home.

Of course I would have gratefully thanked the kind man who I stole the doughnuts from as he was surely taking them to his Sunday School class. Maybe they could have considered it their ministry for the day, offering up their warm doughnuts to a cold, sugar-starved runner (who was choosing 10 miles over church on this particular Sunday).

But that didn’t happen. Instead we turned the corner and kept running into the endless wind and up every hill in sight. At times with me clenching my stomach and screaming profanities. It was delightful. Week three of marathon training complete.

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IzzyBubbles said...

Umm, I'm pretty sure I could take you, Robinson. Those doughnuts would have been mine!! Mwahaahaaaha.