Tuesday, January 20, 2009

best part of my day...

Getting up in the quiet dark of early morning to run four miles with my running buddy Emily.

That and the fact that despite dragging Milo out of bed trying to get him to come on the run, he went back and plunked himself firmly on his bed while I was putting my shoes on. That chubby spoiled dog clearly had an opinion on going on a morning run... it involved him pooping on the idea and then demanding I make coffee for him before I left.

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IzzyBubbles said...

My blog needs an overhaul! I feel so LAME every time I look at yours. How do I get that workout tracker thing on mine? Oh, and on my other site I ran across some woman's page who'd done at least one organized race every month last year, I think we totally need to do that. Let's make shirts. :)