Friday, January 9, 2009

it's all coming back to me now...

The wheezing, the sucking of the air, the pain, the near vomiting on the guy on the dreadmill next to you. All of it has returned to memory, it's been four months since I last did speedwork, and how quickly I forgot the pain of it all. WHEW. I did a five-mile tempo run last night on the dreadmill and I was positive that throwing up on the guy next to me was inevitable. I ran the first mile easy, then bumped up to a 8:27 pace for two miles, but I was sucking air so hard that I had to slow down to a 8:40 for mile four, then I finished with mile five at an easy pace. Not gonna lie, that was pure evil.

It's official, I am out of running shape, I'm thinking this whole getting back in running shape thing is overrated. I suppose the good thing is that I have progress to look forward to. I know I'll see results quickly in speed and endurance, it's just that the pain of starting it all over again is so miserable. In fact, it's so miserable that at this point I would rather be locked in a room with Bill Gothard and his banjo for three hours while he lists his rules and reasoning for how women should look and act, than do speedwork again, and that's saying something.

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the gibsons said...

oh my GOSH, GOOD! it's not just me! holy crap, i got back from running 10 at lunch today (and not even a fast 10...just a normal distance pace) and wondered to myself exactly why i'm doing this. again. getting back in shape sucks.

this doesn't mean i'll stop, because just like you, i know in the end it's worth it. this is just gratefulness to you for an excuse to whine. well, to whine and to vomit. thank you.