Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my latest adventure, part one...

Christmas for Ed and I was spent in Winter Park, Colorado skiing. We had a great time, although our trip ended up being a truly interesting adventure, we got some great skiing in and had a pretty amazing vacation alone together.... with the dog of course.

Milo loving the snow
I just wanted to share some of the pictures, which don't even start to do the beauty of the WP mountains justice, even if it is nearly a month later! We headed to Winter Park on Christmas Eve and enjoyed a full six day vacation, the first we have had alone in three years.

Warming up Christmas day!
It was glorious, if not scattered with a few debacles, like the fact that we were met with a frozen mess (windows open, others filth abounding) when we got to our condo on Christmas Eve, and then of course the brand new oven didn't work so we had to cook our Christmas dinner of a lasagna (I had made it before our trip) on the stove top, or the fact that our first day skiing we were directed into a snow drift instead of a parking spot and had to be towed out and then realized we left our poles at the condo. But the skiing was amazing.

An amazing view of WPApres Ski (this is in honor of Rachel)


the gibsons said...

woo hoo!! doesn't it feel good to show the world what an amazing (albeit interesting) trip you had? EVERYONE needs to see those pics (yep, including the beer in front of the fireplace) simply for their beauty and artistic nature, not to mention to be jealous of yet another facet of your life...thanks! :)

californiameaghan said...

we are going skiing for the first time ever in a couple weeks!!! after seeing your pictures i am even MORE excited! yay!

Fair Weather Runner said...

indeed it does feel good ;) artsy fartsy fabulousness! although it makes me miss WP.

and meggers kris did tell me you all are going up to big bear, fair warning though, the snow won't be as deep and soft as you see in my pictures, don't want to give you false hope, but kris can fill you in! you will still have a blast, looking forward to hearing about it.

Oz Runner said...

love Winter Park...haven't been for many years....sounds like you had a great Christmas vacation..