Monday, February 9, 2009

eleven weeks to 'M' day...

Week five of marathon training went exceptionally well, contrary to what I was assuming, my 12 mile run was relatively easy. It was in the high 60s, I ran in shorts and a technical tank, just incredible weather. I felt good the entire run despite a few glasses of wine, a restless five hours of sleep and way to many chips and salsa, the night before. I was stunned, to say the least, of course my 14 this Saturday could be a different story. That 12 miles gave me the confidence in myself that I will be able to run a marathon, what a relief to finally feel it.

That said, I have a hectic few weeks coming and even though I was feeling calm today, I'm starting to worry tonight. I have two weekends of teaching video editing to college students ahead of me, a class I haven't taught before, more new territory. Plus a 14 and 16 mile run on those weekends, not to mention working full time and weekly runs on top of everything else I do at home. Sometimes I wonder what I've gotten myself into. I got through the last set of teaching class/training schedule, I can get through this one. I'm sure it will come wrapped nicely, maybe in some parchment paper, maybe some twine around it, complete with a mini-breakdown inside, which I will unwrap at some point during the next two weeks.

I guess I'm putting all my verbal diarrhea out there so I can garner some encouragement from fellow runners, so feel free to heap it on, don't worry, when I'm able and you're in need, I will return the favor. Just ask Kristen the running lawyer... I'm disgustingly chipper and encouraging when needed.


Oz Runner said...

great job on the run was a beautiful day for it, huh?
my encouragement is not to stress out about your training...if you have to adjust it or miss a run, don't sweat flexible, get the miles in when you can do it, and you're well on your way.

like the new header by the way

running man said...

I had to skip a 14 miler last week and this week it is 15 miles on Saturday. I'm banged up and a little slow, but if you need someone to run with let me know.