Wednesday, February 11, 2009

well, you see, the thing was...

First off, feel free to blog-slap me. I didn't run my seven miles this morning, and yes I have an excuse, and yes it is absolutely reasonable, or seemed that way at 5:15a this morning. I woke up to rain (and it wasn't just a sprinkle), wind, and 35 degrees. I told myself if Emily was up for it, I didn't have a choice, I needed the motivation and I was already awake and getting dressed.

But together we decided it probably wasn't the smartest choice to put our bodies through a run like that and risk getting sick. So I crawled back in bed until it was time to get ready for work. And as I was getting gas on my way to work, standing in the cold, windy rain, I was happy with our choice not to run.

Luckily the day cleared up and it turned out to be really nice so I came home from work and went for a quick three miles with Ed. I even did weights after. So all wasn't lost.

However, Emily and I are running seven tomorrow morning at 5:15a, no rain in sight. So if it doesn't happen, you can blog-slap me twice...

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