Thursday, March 5, 2009

just like prom...

Today I went to what was the equivalent of my running prom, all dressed up fancy like. Okay so I can't say for certain that today's run was just like prom, because point of fact I have never been to a prom, or any school dance, or really any dance period (until I was in my early 20s and started going to wedding receptions that had music). I grew up in a very conservative homeschool family, dancing, music, the whole lot of it was pure evvviiieeeelllllllllll. Don't you worry, I would sneak in some of 'the rock music' every now and then and would dance quietly in my bedroom alone. Come on, what nice homeschool girl hasn't rebelled in such a horrendous way!

My point is that I broke in my running skirt today, and I wore it with my new hot pink running tops (yes plural, it's just how I roll people, I am 30 now after all). I felt so dressed up just to be running. And around mile three my run even asked me to the prom after party, I'm sure he was assuming I would put out. I quickly corrected my presumptuous run and let him know I'm a nice post-homeschool girl and it takes at least three dates and a bevy of martinis to get me to put out. Plus, doing that on prom night is so cliche... right? Because seriously it's not like I would know.

So despite the fact that the running skirt clearly hasn't caught on in Kansas yet (I gathered that from all the confused looks I got from other runners and random people at the park) I was really pleased with my attire. I wore it proudly! Seriously it was like I was some sort of odd side show in my fancy runnin' clothes. You really would have thought I was wearing a prom dress for my run. I have to admit I did feel I a tiny bit flashy and self conscious at first, but I got over it and decided I officially love that skirt, especially combined with the hot pink tops.

I would have taken a picture of me in my running prom outfit, however, Ed is out of town and Milo doesn't have opposable thumbs. So I'm giving you the next best thing and offer you a picture of the prom outfit sans me:


californiameaghan said...

LOVE it!!!!! if your outfit takes you for a fancy dinner before the third date, i think it is ok to put out. :D

RunToFinish said...

super cute did you never make it to a dance! I had fun with my girl friends

RunningLaur said...

So cute!
You'll have to see if it's race ready so you'll be a priness in the official photos. It'll put all of the old tshirt wearing girls to shame.