Friday, April 3, 2009

rockin' my friday photo, 80's style...

Time for Friday Foto with Nikemom. My contribution is a continuation from last week's photo of Kristen and I after the River Run. If you read my entire post, which I'm sure you did, savoring each and every delectible text nugget like a hungry racoon, you would have noticed that I mentioned running the River Run with a gaggle of family members back in the late 80s. But I couldnt' find the picture in time to post it. Well you are in luck cyberspace. I found said photo.

Please enjoy it, in all of it's mauvy-late-80s-hot-socks-glory. I'm the second kid to the end (right), the skinny little blonde nerd with glasses. But don't you worry, you see how I'm rockin' it with my hand on my hip... it's how I rolled, even as a kid... sassy-pants indeed.
So, say hello to my family, the Gibsons! Included in the picture are my three siblings (you have to guess which ones are my sibs), three cousins, and an aunt and uncle. We were standing in front of my grandma's house. The older generation still love to line all the Gibson cousins (there are 10 of us total, not including significant others) up in a 'height' line to this day for excellent photo ops.

After the race that morning, we went to my dad's office, which was right next to the finish line at the time, and had a picnic lunch in the conference room. I distinctly remember all of us fighting over the proper name of chocolate chip cookies, gangly limbs flying over the table and all (an entirely different post). Maybe next week I will post THAT picture and offer the explanation (or pictures of the Gibson cousin line-ups)... you eagerly await I'm sure!

Side note: Meggers, please let KrSh of beeftown know that you have now seen a picture of her in her tweens and she can no longer keep it a secret that as a kid she had creepy yet fluffy man hair, and man shorts for that matter.


Mel- Tall Mom on the Run said...

You all look like an AT&T commercial. So fun to have 80's photos to look back on!!

Have a great weekend!!


Ashley said...

I LOVE the height order! ;) This amazing! :)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

what a fun photo! thx for sharing. :-)

californiameaghan said...

1. love that you all ran in denim.

2. thinking about the river run brings to mind river fest , which is wonderful but tends to bring out all sorts of white trash i never know exists in wichita the rest of the year. i love it!

3. kris's hair made my day. thank you for posting this. you need to facebook it and permanently tag it. its wonderful.

4. someday in the far future we need to get all of our (future) children together and recreate the picture and the run. shall we say may 2023?

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That is a great photo!

J said...

wow you have some crazy pictures! I agree with the AT&T commericial! You should do a present day picture with everyone and compare!

T-Bone said...

You all look like (relatively) modern day Von Trapp family, except instead of singing Bavarian folk tunes you share your love with the world through 2 mile Fun Runs.