Thursday, June 4, 2009


The second part of our Saturday during our anniversary weekend getaway was spent at Dogwood Canyon. This area was amazing, so beautiful. We got there around 2p and rented bikes and took off on the trail. It was four miles if you went all the way to the end, and who are we to putz out, we went the full four miles. Totally hard core.

It was a beautiful day, not too hot, but the area is so shaded and the breeze
from the streams and creeks keep it amazingly cool. Plus I met one of the coolest running guys EVER, oh yeah, you'll want to read that story! It's posted under one of the pictures, so you have to hunt for it. We love us some nature, so I thought I would share our pictures. Enjoy.

*the bike man, gettin' his ride on at the start of the dogwood canyon nature path*

*a cool bridge in the nature preserve*

*this is a long explanation, but trust me, worth the read! i met the coolest runner ever who took this picture of us in front of thunder falls. oh and i decided i hate these sunglasses, they look like those huge medical wrap around monstrosities... consider them trashed, blech*

we met a 50-something couple along the path, asked them to take our picture and the guy was all, sure! are you a runner (please note my shirt) and i was all... yeah i guess so. he asked if i have done a marathon and i was like, wellll... yeah. so i told him my story and we got to talking. i mentioned it would be awesome if dogwood canyon would do a 10K in there, he then told me how they have devoted an entire weekend to races in dogwood canyon. then he told me how he rode a plane next to bill rodgers on the way to springfield, mo. one day and how cool bill was.

bill was on his way to run the bass pro marathon, which is all a part of the dogwood canyon/bass pro fitness week (bass pro, big cedar and the canyon are all owned by john morris). so talking to this random run guy who we just wanted to take our picture ended up being one of the coolest conversations i have had in months, this guy was awesome. he also made me feel a ton better about my marathon experience, humidity kills him too, and this guy looked like a pro, you know you can tell the type, you can just SEE that they are a great runner. plus he lives down the road from the canyon and runs there almost every day, can you say jealous?! and just talking to this runner guy got me totally convinced to go back to table rock this fall to do the dogwood canyon trail run 25K... i had considered doing the ultra, but uhhh, maybe i should get used to trails before i try my hand at that.*

*do you see the sneaky dorky snake poking his head out. and aren't our bikes with the baskets adorable*

*ed climbing up thunder falls (please note my picture isn't first, but i went up first, not that i was keeping track...)*

*i had to climb up thunder falls to check it out up close. I HEART NATURE!*

*this was ed's idea, and it was a good one, it was starting to get warm*

*ummmm, even though it said no riding over the water bridges, well... we do what we want. and this has to be one of the most un-flattering photos ever, but you have to deal*

*these are the crazy, massive, and intense trout they have in the nature preserve, these guys know when it's feeding time. we got some feed and were having fun watching them fight and go crazy for it, this sadly was the best action shot i could get*

*because i am married to someone who is 12 years old inside... otherwise no comment*

*after our nice dinner (sorry peeps i refuse to take pics of food and/or in restaurants), we headed to the resort bar called buzzards and sat on the patio, this was our delicious view*

*meet your resident mojito queen, yum. there is a reason i grow mint in my herb garden, luckily i didn't have to make these (yes plural)*

*edder went for a lil' double shot of jack and coke.... yeah we had a lot of laughs this night!*

*a room with a view, this is a picture of the view from our room, i took this right before we left. until july table rock... until july. sigh*

I'm thinking of starting a Flickr account to link on the side of my blog so I can put all my billions of great photos on that instead of weighing down all my posts with TONS of photos. What do you guys think? I aim to please, so let me know what you think.


aron said...

beautiful pics!!!

Marlene said...

That place looks awesome. Love the pics! You seem to have had so much fun. I would have been all over the water bridge too.

As for photos, I kinda like them being embedded in posts sometimes. But I'm easy to please.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

i like the pics and i like them in the posts.

maybe facebook for fuller albums?

aNd! said...

very cool place, wish I was around that much greenery.....minus humidity. I do love me some desert.

J said...

The flickr slide shows are pretty cool!

THose pictures are Beautiful and amazing! Unbelievable!! So pretty! Its funny the people you meet and the story they have!

RunningLaur said...

What an amazing trip!

I like pictures in posts. I read most blogs on my phone, so I doubt I would see any photos that are on the side. Your posts load pretty quickly even with the photos :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i like pics in posts too.. then posts don't seem so much like essays, breaks them up a bit, and you know when there are new pics to see :) All those pics are great...! Looks like a blast, and lmao at that glory hole pic.

X-Country2 said...

Beautiful! I love the water bridge. Very Fried Green Tomatoes.

Running through Life said...

What a beautiful place! Looks like you had lots of bike-riding, rule-breaking, mojito-drinking fun!!

I like having the pics in the post. I'm too lazy to go look at them elsewhere. Pics are FUN!

Anonymous said...

I really like the pictures. You guys dress up nicely too!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

LOVE the pictures.. It is truly amazing how randomly running into someone and chatting about running can totally change your training path (note my post this AM).

I think the Flikr account is a good idea, of course I am always pleased with your Blog.

chris mcpeake said...

Thanks for the comment. Should go for the 25k its so much fun.

I have the same problem finding trails here as I live right in downtown Toronto.

Irish Cream said...

Aw, looks like such a fun time!! Fabulous pics! Also, I vote for keeping photos in the posts--my stupid law firm blocks all of the photo sites--GRRR. Jerks.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Those really are beautiful photos. It sure is amazing how the moment a runner find another runner, we instantly have so much to talk about. Very cool!

RunToFinish said...

oh I love the pics, nature is just so refreshing!!

please feel free to ask me anything on Europe I LOVED our trip.

The KC marathon is doesn't have much crowd support and definitely has hills. I've only done the half...and I'm not terribly psyched about the full so I'm trying to find another one

Ashley said...

Great pics!! The Glory Hole one had me cracking up too, LOL!!!

Man....I leave the blogosphere for a few days and you turn into a blog-posting-son-of-a-b****! I have a LOT of catching up to do!!