Sunday, June 7, 2009

ed's BAK journey: day 1...

Do to a number of circumstances, Ed's first day of BAK turned out horridly, and it was out of his hands. Not a great way to start for a guy who is beyond busy at work and could have used that time to bill hours. To sum, on Friday he was supposed to be at the start city of the race (syracuse, ks) by 4p to register and get the first 15 miles of the ride out of the way. He left his hectic schedule at 12p to do so. But nothing went as planned and they didn't even leave town until 4p, by no fault of Ed's. So frustrating.

Ed rode out with his friend that is doing BAK with him, his friend's wife and their three year old daughter went along to drive the car back. They didn't get to Syracuse until 8:30p Friday night due to some very bad planing and decisions on the part of the people he rode out there with (and i'm trying to be nice here, needless to say these people deserve to be punched in the unmentionables, there was some lividness going on, even on my part). Just some unvelievably bad decisions there.

Ed didn't get dinner that night, not the best circumstance for having to ride 70 miles the next day. They wouldn't have had to ride those 70 miles if they had gotten to Syracuse at the time they had planned. He was PISSED. Who wouldn't be? So instead of riding their 15 miles Friday night, they got up and drove out to the Colorado border by 6a yesterday morning and rode back to Syracuse to have breakfast and start the rest of the ride with everyone else. This was after a sleepless night for Ed where his brand new air mattress deflated thanks to a hole. Luck was not on his side this first few days of the BAK.

When they got into Syracuse, Ed's back tire had deflated and it took two hours to fix. Plus Ed was diagnosed with 'runners/bikers' knee last Thursday, so his knee has really been bothering him. But they got started and rode the 52 miles to Garden City, KS. They got there by about 1p, got some lunch, Ed got cleaned up, got a massage and was feeling MUCH better about everything. The massage therapist told him his IT band was tight, which was contributing to his knee problem.

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure Ed's wife... coughaheam... told him about two weeks ago when his knee started bothering him that he should stretch his IT band and use his wife's...coughahem...foam roller and perhaps it would help. Yeah... nope, didn't listen to the wife, but sure did believe the massage therapist. That Ed! Well as long as he listens to someone and starts taking care of himself, that is all I care about. He has scheduled to have the massage therapist work on him after every ride, this is an amazing feat for Ed... oh if you only knew interwebs!

Here are Ed's stats and some pictures day one of BAK.

*a line of bikes, ed's is the first one, it's keeping the trash can in check*

Day one, June 6, 2009. Colorado border to Garden City, KS:
Leg 1 (co. border to syracuse)
16.78 miles
15.6 mph average
20.4 max speed
1:04:37 total time

Leg 2 (syracuse to garden city)
52.46 miles
20.0 mph average (minimum based on partial data)
36.7 max speed
2:32:00 total time (estimate based on partial data)

*ed's apartment on the road*

GO ED! Feel free to send your prayers and good wishes his way for the rest of the week. I'm so proud of my amazing Edder!


T-Bone said...

It must have been bad if you're recommending a punch in the nethers as penance. In any case, Ed doesn't really know me, but tell him Tbone is pulling for him. Hope the rest of the ride is downhill with the wind at his back (oh wait...there aren't any hills in Kansas). Just stick with the wind at his back part.

Marlene said...

Oh my goodness, I would have been livid too. I don't handle it well when things go THAT far off plan, especially when you're talking about a big race/event. Ugh. Poor Ed. Glad to hear me made it through the rough start okay.

Ashley said...

Good for him for rebounding after all the obstacles he had to face in the beginning - nice work!!