Sunday, June 7, 2009

ed's BAK journey: day 3...

I realize this is my third post today, but friends and family are watching my blog for updates on Ed's BAK (bike across kansas), so this will be it for today, and we are caught up. Today was BAK day three. Ed is doing well, sounding happier than Friday, his knee is holding up.

Here at home I am getting a lot done (i.e. cleaning and eating haagen dazs coffee ice cream) while Milo is keeping a tight watch out the window hoping his papa will drive up any minute--Milo sure does love him some papa. He will have a long wait. We are having thunderstorms in Wichita tonight, while Ed is in Jetmore and says it is sunny and beautiful. I hope it stays that way where the riders are.

Ed should be sending pictures for me to update with soon. Hopefully on some of his SAG stops tomorrow he will take a few photos... HINT HINT EDDER! Kansas can be a beautiful place, and I want to prove it!

BAK Day 3, June 7, 2009, Ed's report:

Leg 3 - Syracuse to Jetmore
56.18 miles
18.5mph average
31.9 mph max speed
3:01:31 total time

Woke up to the sound of rustling bags at 5:40a five minutes before my alarm was set to wake me up. I wanted to keep sleeping, after going 70 miles on about three hours of sleep I was pooped. I got up and the gym was still dark, just like it had been in Syracuse. Put my 'apartment' back into my two travel bags, brushed my teeth and texted my companion. He and his family were just getting roused, so I aired up my tires, put on sunscreen, and waited. I called then texted, but got no response, so I headed out to find breakfast, not knowing whether my knee would act up again.

I rode to McDonalds (yes, Pizza Hut then McDonalds in the course of 12 hours) and it was PACKED with riders. I waited in line 20 minutes, then ordered three pancakes, eggs, sausage, iced coffee, OJ, and milk. Biggest breakfast I have ever ordered, and it all went into the furnace.

Set out from breakfast solo, taking it easy so as not to hurt the knee again. Had slight tailwind, and rode solo for first 5-10 miles. Another solo rider at some point began drafting off me, and we continued that way for the next 10 miles, so I backed off so we were side by side and met my riding friend, Nancy. She used to live in Wichita but now lives in College Station, TX, and is a cycling trainer. She's in her late 40s and has been cycling for 20 of them.

*a mere flesh wound... or just bike grease on the road warriors calf*

We skipped the lunch stop, as it hadn't opened yet and neither of us were hungry. My knee was holding out, but I could tell it was still irritated, so I was cautious not to push at my normal pace. This was good, because I had opened up the speed and Nancy couldn't keep up, so she helped me push at a reasonable pace and not at full blast.

At about mile 30 we passed one of the BAK RVs. It is around 30 feet long (one of the full size traveling kind). It was sitting sideways to the road, the back half in the ditch. We continued past as the police directed traffic.

The last 20 miles was at an easy pace. I didn't push hard, as I didn't want a repeat of the previous day. Somewhere in the hills (you think Kansas is flat? Take a ride with me sometime) I lost Nancy, so I continued to the finish, and she showed up about ten minutes behind. She does not like hills, and they slowed her way down.

I got to Jetmore early, about 10:45a, and helped unload the baggage truck. I got some lunch (that's another story), had my massage, and fell asleep. I woke up just in time to eat dinner and buy a spare tube from Bicycle Pedaler's traveling store.

*the bikes lined up outside jetmore highschool*

*one of the BAK box trucks, hauling all the participants gear. there are 805 riders this year*

*the jetmore high school, this is where ed is sleeping tonight *

There is a unique feel to this week. A definite sense of camaraderie here, very friendly people here for the same goal of a fun week cycling across our fair state. If my knee holds out, this could end up being a fantastic week.
*it's FWR again, feel free to leave a comment just for ed, he is reading them every night! let him know we are all rooting for him!! if not here, then on FB if you have him as a friend. don't worry, i made him promise to get scenery pictures tomorrow.*


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

What an incredible experience! thx for sharing. :-)

californiameaghan said...

YAY for you ed! my butt hurts just thinking about spending all that time in the bike saddle! :D keep up the good work and we will be praying you are injury free!

Marlene said...

Great job so far, Ed! What a crazy adventure. Keep it up!

Irish Cream said...

What a crazy-awesome adventure you are on, Ed . . . you are such a rockstar! I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up since that first day--sounds like it was a rocky start to the trip. Oh, and my fingers are crossed that your knee is nice to you for the rest of the ride :)

Keep up the great work!!

Loves Life in Colorado said...

Cool blog. I love a blog where there is running AND biking. My two favorite thing!

Gov said...

Hey Ed, I'm enjoying keeping up with your adventures through the FWR blog. Great stuff you're doing. And for those of us stuck in a dugout with twelve 12-year old boys a few times a week, this read is a nice escape. Keep on bikin'!

Mike H.

thequestfor135 said...

Kansas is a big state. I think I'm going to do "Run across Rhode Island." I don't think it is a real thing, but at least its only like 40 or 50 miles at the widest part. I will choose the narrowest.

Ashley said...

Awesome journey so far!! LOVE reading all about it!! :)