Tuesday, February 22, 2011

eight weeks to oz. the goal.

Finally, I'm back to feeling like I have a normal schedule, in life and in running. Such a relief. Running was back on track last week, I ran four times, did some speedwork, got a long run in with my buddies. All good stuff. Which led me to think hard about my Oz half goal time.

Oz Half Marathon Goal: 1:48 and change. This will put me running about an 8:15 average and would cut five minutes off my current PR. Ambitious, but hey, what do I have to lose?

I'd honestly be happy with 1:50, but since I'm not training for an 'm' I want to push myself quite a bit harder and really amp up my speed. I'm feeling pretty great (for all of a week) with my training, even though I only ran 23 miles last week. I'm happy with where my speedwork is taking my running, plus it's just good plain fun. I'm just going to keep training, keep doing speedwork and see what happens in all these half marathons I have coming up.

Speaking of speedwork. While it's going well, and I'm hitting paces that are making me quite happy, that doesn't mean it's easy. I did a 6 mile tempo run last week with four miles at an 8:06 pace, hit it spot on. Despite the fact that around mile four I had the overwhelming feeling that I was channeling my fat cat Frank after he's had fifth dinner. I had to literally stop and hunch over to keep myself from throwing up. But... BUT like any true devoted runner I stood up and finished it out. The urge to vomit did go away, and I'm proud to announce I didn't end up tossing any cookies. Small victories. I'm just going with the thought that this is excellent training for how I'll feel at mile 11 of the half.

This week is off to a good start so far for running. And it's even my birthday week, yes I give myself an entire week for my birthday. As should you. I plan to keep my workouts going despite a few small celebrations. I may or may not be planning some runs around said celebrations, but meh. So I'm giving myself a gold star already.

Week 5 of Training (last week):
Monday = Nothing, unless you count eating too much and having some wine
Tuesday = 4 Easy Miles
Wednesday = 3 Easy Miles (during which i felt less than stellar, most awful run in months)
Thursday = 6 Mile Tempo, 4 @ 8:06
Friday = Rest
Saturday = 10 Miles, last two at faster pace
Sunday = Rest

Total = 23


Marlene said...

It must feel good to have a plan again - one that you feel good about! I like the goal!

Indi said...

Oz is about to go down!!! good to hear things are calming down a little...routine is a good thing for us!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Glad to hear running is becoming fun again, like it should. Speed work can be gratifying. Go for that 1:48 goal!

Carlee said...

Sounds like a great goal to me! You've got the mental attitude to take it down!

Miranda said...

Sounds like an excellent plan! I registered for the half at the Oz last week! Although my goals are just finishing! (It's going to be my first half.) Good luck on reaching your goal!!

misszippy said...

Based on your tempo pace, I think you are being realistic with your goal pace. Just take confidence into the race with you.

Happy birthday!

Ace said...

Pretty restrictive imo. I say go for birthday month! :)

lindsay said...

happy birthday week! i fully support that. i also celebrate half birthdays. well, i try to. josh pretty much just ignores me.

sounds like a good goal to me - chase it down! glad you didn't puke in the tempo. take the pain, get stronger!

Christina said...

I've never thrown up from running hard and hope to keep it that way. There are plenty of times though at the track that I feel like I could. Keep up the great work. You are on track for a PR.

RunnuRMark said...

Careful now. You know what ambition gets you....what you want! I predict you will hit that 1:48, and have a fantastic celebration afterward. That speed work is a real bitch, but boy does it ever pay off. Keep pushing that puke threshold!