Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter sun run 10k. the triple threat.

I am racking up the races this month, and the great race stories mind you. Saturday was the Easter Sun Run 10K and 2 Miler (i participated in both). I ran the 10k with AP and Shelley for fun. There was supposed to be a showdown between AP and I, but we decided to run as a group instead. That was a great choice.

The Easter Sun Run is a pretty big race around here, all the fasties come out because there is prize money! It is held in the Sedgwick County Zoo Park, a place where I have probably logged hundreds of miles running. It borders our city's incredible zoo (seriously, wichita may not be an impressive city but our zoo rivals any) so the race runs through the parks various wooded and scenic paths. If you run in the Zoo park on the right day you can not only smell the zoo, but hear the animals. It's a double edged issue. Saturday we experienced neither.

*before the race, this is us pointing out that we are the braintrust. we solve problems on the run.*

The 10K proved quite eventful, it was the triple threat for more reasons than one. There were three of us who ran it together. And together, we are a triple threat, plain and simple. But also, one of our to-remain-nameless-buddies (coughahem) had to stop and throw up during the race... annnnd then twice after. Now that's impressive, almost as impressive as the poo-ta-potty I navigated last week. In the vomiter's defense, the race directors might not wanna fire up the grill when runners are still running by. GUH. It was a bit much to run through thick beefy grill smoke at mile 5.5. GROSS. 

*there may have been vomiting, but there was also leaping, and laughing, and smiles*

 *just keeping it nerdy at the finish line, shelley was less than thrilled...*

One of my favorite things in the race, besides the vomit, was the dude who stayed behind the three of us most of the race and around the 9k mark and he was all "ya'll have far too much energy." Yeah we did, because we were just plain having fun! Which is why we did the race. We of course took that as a compliment. I'm not exactly sure that's how he meant it.

So here you go. How adorable is THIS I ask you? Our race results. Bam, bam and bam, MATCHSIES:

279 AARON ----------  32 M WICHITA KS 43/67 53:03 8:33
280 SHELLEY --------  32 F WICHITA KS ??/90 53:03 8:33
281 REBEKAH ROBINSON 32 F WICHITA KS 16/90 53:03 8:33

After the 10K I stuck around, talked to some people I knew including one 2 Slow 4 Boston who was our own personal race photog! Thanks 2 Slow! He took some great pics, and the pics in this post are pilfered from him (by permission natch). I should also mention he destroyed the 2-miler. After chatting with people I lined up to run the 2 miler with my sister and dad. It was a great morning. It just plain made me happy. I love that my sister lives in my city again and is picking up the running bug and going to races with me.

My dad and I ended up running the 2 miler together, my sister took off all speedy! So I talked his ear off as we watched all the kiddos around us do a run/walk/sprint/full stop sequence in a gaggle of limbs and mess. I asked my dad how in the world he managed running with FOUR kids during our annual River Run 2 miler. His response was that it was a disaster. I can imagine. Then he reminded me of the time one of my sisters ran right smack into a parking meter during one of the races. Awesome. It made me feel only slightly better about the fact I once ran into a pole during my own two mile race, except I was 28, not 8. But still, it just means it runs in the family? My dad is a saint. I'm sure we all make him proud.... right.


Lora said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

Marlene said...

THAT is how to run a fun race. Maybe without vomit! I HATE the smell of food when running.

Megan said...

Great times! Congrats!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Looks like you had a blast! Oh wait, I already knew that. Thanks for the tag.

I'm going to have to start running with Shelly. Odds sound good of documenting her involuntary race habit.

My bet is you'll kick a$$ Sunday in the 1/2! See you then.

Indi said...

Love the finish line times!! way to stick together :) Love that you ran with your dad!! a Race full of memories..just how they should be!!

Jesse - Run To The Border said...
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Jesse - Run To The Border said...

If I puked more than once during a 10k, I'd call it quits. For sure. At least you managed to keep it down. Other than that, it sounds like a great day though!

Pretend this is real said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! (Except for the vomit, of course) Great post!

Laura said...

"there may have been vomitting"
Too funny...not for the vomiter of course.
Awesome race!

RunnuRMark said...

I would have at least eaten a burger before I puked! Sounds like a lot of fun though. I might...just might make it down for a race in the Dub this year. They sound so tempting.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the race?

Who vomit? I have a Pukie Award for training and races, someone won it!!

Irene said...

I love that the three of you finished EXACTLY together!

Who spewed?

Rodneyb said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for participating! SunRun 2012 Two month away - April 7th.

I'll see if I can get them to move the grill away from the running route this year.

Hope to see you there!

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