Wednesday, July 27, 2011

stupid. and ouchsies.

Right. Um, I decided it was an awesome idea to go for a lunch run yesterday. The heat index was 100 degrees, there were zero clouds in the sky, and I had exactly 20 oz. of iced down Gatorade all ready for me and my running. I wanted to go earlier but a work meeting kept me from getting out any earlier than 11:30a. In all my distracted preparing, I forgot to drop sunscreen in my gym bag or on my body:

a) I thought I'd be running much earlier and wouldn't really need it

2) It was 'just' supposed to be a 6 miler which means I'd be out running for less than an hour

d) I honestly didn't even THINK about sunscreen, which is rare. I was pretty distracted before my run. Obviously I was tackling the world's problems and NOT thinking about how short I should cut my hair next week. Or how I need to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted. Obviously. So that's a fair excuse, right? Tackling world problems. Uh-huh.

The result of all of the above? I got sunburned. Badly. Not only was my 'run' a complete disaster; it got cut short to 5 miles where I ended up walking every half mile and draining my Gatorade by mile 3.5, but I got a sunburn. BRILLIANT!

And I LOATHE getting sunburned, skin cancer scares the junk out of me. Seriously, as it runs in my family I've been scared into slathering so much sunscreen on my body every week that the amount I typically use could probably supply a family of 20 for months on end.

  *yes this is me face-planted on my living room floor after begging the edder to put aloe vera on my back and arms. do you like those burn lines btw? yeah, HOT. note to self, never buy a running shirt with a cutout hole in back again.*

STUPID STUPID STUPID. That's all that was going through my head last night. So after work (and after multiple comments from co-workers about my burn....sigh) I went and purchased 70 SPF Ultimate Sport Sunscreen. It's apparently good for those who get 'super-sweaty'. That would be me. I'm that girl. I sweat. A gross amount.

*this sunscreen is going in and staying in my gym bag....*

Lesson learned. Guhhhhhhhh. I tend to learn things the hard way. Even after getting a bevvy of advice from a fellow hot-weather-middle-of-the-day-runner. Like taking ice water and wearing sunscreen. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

So here's to hoping I don't get the skin cancers!


Laura Belle said...

oh don't worry. It'll start to heal, then peel, which, if you're like me, will freak you out a little, then... all will be back to normal.'s not as bad as having the worst sunglass tan lines ever on your FACE!
Not saying it happened to me or anything.

Paul said...

I hear you.

I keep sunscreen in the car in multiple places too. (glovebox and side pocket)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I see you are in Wichita. Used to travel there when I was coaching softball!

You set such a good example for using sunscreen. Its obviously important to you!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

DOH!!! OMG a lunch time run just sounds horrific to start with, but can't imagine that burn in such a short time. I've gotten soooo much better about sun screen in florida

Lisa said...

ow! ow! ow!

Could you have even gotten sunscreen to that middle cut out if you had remembered? imagine that sunburn. hahahaha

Indi said...

Ouchie is right?!! Hope it heals up quick.

lindsay said...

Yikes! Hope it heals quickly. That was a fast burn in only 5-miles!

Marlene said...

Lesson learned - I'm sure it won't happen again!

I get a kick out of wacky tan lines - not sunburns, though!

ajh said...

It's happened. There is nothing you can do about it. Just do what you are going to do and wear it whenever you run. I wear it even when it looks like rain, early in the morning etc. I won't say I never miss but I'm pretty darn careful.
And like Paul I try to keep it lots of places.

Mark said...

Nice job knocking out ANYTHING in that heat. You deserve a nice, big, hard pat on the back!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I am regularly called "the sunscreen nazi" around my house and yet I have forgotten to put sunscreen on myself more than once. One time, I even slathered it on my girls and the hubs and totally spaced putting it on myself. Duh! I'm sure it takes more than a few times to get skin cancer =)

Way to get out there in that kind of heat though! You rock!!