Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what's your song.

Although I don't listen to music much anymore when I run (only because i do about one run per week all alone), I plan on putting together a KILLER race playlist for the marathon. Someone suggested in my comments on my post wondering how to get through the middle miles of a marathon that I should put some of my favorite tunes in the middle of the playlist to get me through. Being a huge music lover, I have to agree. That, along with seeing friends/family on the course are the best solutions to help keep me going in the 'dead zone' of miles 14 - 20. Thanks for the suggestions interwebbers!

So, while I have no problems finding fantastic new music to listen to while not running (i'm posting my top five faves here every few weeks actually), I need some inspiration for running tunes here people. Please offer any/all of your favorite running songs, por favor. Especially since I haven't updated my running playlist since May. Sad. Poutsies.

I promise not to threaten you in all caps to get you to help me out here, I'll just send out the pity vibe... you offered your suggestions on how to help me get through the middle miles, now one-up yourself and offer me a song.

That is all. I look forward to your suggestions. HINT... HINTHINTHINTHINTHINTHINT. Okay, fine, I yelled a little there. But I'm a shamelessly desperate runner here, hoping to run the best race of her life in a few months.... I also love to guilt trip. I hope that worked.

Shameless. Guilt tripper.


Carla @ I Run, You Run said...

I posted something similar a few weeks ago, and got a ton of suggestions:

Hope it helps!

teacherwoman said...

Have you heard the Black Eyed Peas new song? I can't remember what it is called but it may pump you up. And, bonus, Fergie barely sings in it! LOL.

Lora said...

Though not quite as fast, Elvis Presley's "If I Can Dream" is undoubtedly motivational. I also like "How You Like Me Now" by The Heavy and Motley Crue's "Kickstart My Heart" is an oldie but a goodie. Happy picking!

lindsay said...

I just need a good beat to kickstart my mojo - although "good beat" for me = pop/hip hop/top 100 type stuff and I know some people are not motivated by that.

Marlene said...

My playlist needs an overhaul too! I neglect it since, like you, I don't find myself running solo so much anymore.

I mostly listen to top 40 - Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO), Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga), I Wanna Go (Britney)...

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

gosh I've been listening to audiobooks...but I'm also a country music girl so not sure that is terribly helpful.

i go through the top 40 charts to find songs whe nI need new things

Sarah G said...

My running playlist is labeled explicit. ;) I have the "clean" versions of some songs but not all.

Show Me The Money - Petey Pablo
Shake My - Three 6 Mafia
Lose Yourself - Eminem
Bleed It Out - Linkin Park
Firework - Katy Perry
Numba 1 - Kardinal Offishall
Bang Bang - K'naan & Adam Levine

Yadida Sibarani said...

visit heree..

A Wanderer said...

It’s probably time for me to update my list too but I have a few favorites that almost always make the cut. I should warn you that my tastes tend to be eclectic because nothing is worse than being stuck with all country or all hip-hop when you really want some Big Band. So…

Lauryn Hill-- Ex-Facto;

Zac Brown Band-- Colder Weather;

Live-- Lightening Crashes;

Harry Belafonte-- Banana Boat Song;

Chicago Soundtrack-- We Both Reached for the Gun.

Laura said...

My playlists are all over the place but these make my giddy-up:
Sing - My Chemical Romance
Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
Little Lion Man - Mumford and Son

Post your final list!

ajh said...

Truthfully I like the Dixie Chicks for a pick me up while running. Particularly Lubbock or Leave It and Sin Wagon.


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