Tuesday, October 4, 2011

not a goggles genius.

Right. Okay. So in my defense, I've never had any swim coaching, I never took a swim lesson in my life, and I had no idea what I was doing when I plodded into Dick's three and a half years ago to buy swim goggles, a swim cap and a swimsuit. And then proceeded to barely use said items for you know, three years.

Apparently, KIDS, I've been sporting my goggles a bit too tightly during my swimmings. As in my head starts to hurt and my eyes feel like they are going to bulge out about 20 minutes into my swim. Uh huh. It's awesome. And I just sort of assumed that was how it was supposed to be.

BUT. GET THIS. GET IT. Goggles aren't supposed to hurt your eyeballs. WHO KNEW! I will use 8,000 exclamation marks if I need to!!!!!  !!!!  !!!!!! Because during my one mile swim today, after loosening up my goggles I could not only see everything clearly without fog in my gogs, but I was also missing the sensation of my eyeballs beating in rythym with my heart. Is that normal, by the way? Actually, that part has been a bit disturbing the past few weeks. So there's the good news, I think I figure out how to actually wear goggles when swimming. Turns out you can actually SEE through those suckers when you wear them correctly...

Despite the new found goggle information (thank you world wide interwebs and your amazing search results and bevvy of information on swimming goggles, turns out i bought a pretty good pair on accident), I had a bit of an awful swim. At least I still swam a mile, and had the pool to myself for the most part, and shaved a whole minute off my mile from last week. SUCCESS!

Don't you love how I was all "writing and reading about swimming is lame" and this is my second post in a row about swimming? Me. Too.


Marlene said...

Not lame! NOT LAME! Glad you got those goggles figured out... doesn't sound like it was very comfortable. :S

Lisa said...

Woohooo! Google fixed your goggle problem and now your swims will be much more enjoyable.! Sweet!

Jill said...

Who knew Google could fix goggles!! Excellent! I can't seem to get mine to un-fog though, despite several over the counter things I bought. I'll try Google. :)

Keep up the great swim work!!

Indi said...

Google Goggles..Lol!! I hate goggles, but absolutely need them..during the once in a blue moon swim I do! yes, popping eyeballs BAD!! Happy head and eyes, GOOD!!