Wednesday, November 2, 2011

lets get campy!

A week and a half ago we went on a little fall camping trip with our friends Meggers and Jeremy who just moved back to Wichita this summer. They have a 6 month old baby, Jakey. We took our dog Milo, they took Jakey and we headed to Fall River, Kansas. It's on a nice little lake, with pretty scenery, and it definitely doesn't FEEL like Kansas there.

Since we all have busy schedules and it was Jakey's first camping trip, we only went for one night. But it was so fun, and we packed in all the goodness of getting campy into our short little trip. I love camping as long as it's below 70 degrees, yes those are my nordic roots speaking. I am anything but a fan of the heat. So Edder has to wait patiently to camp until the weather is just right for this girl.

Besides some Bocci Ball, delicious Taco Soup, more than my fair share of S'mores (after dinner AND for brekkie) and infamous "eggs in a bag" for brekkie we didn't do a whole lot. But that's what camping is about. Just hanging out, enjoying being outside and eating. A lot. It was a general consensus that camping makes you very hungry. Clearly. Since I had S'mores for my second breakfast..... right.

SO. Pictures. We didn't get a ton, but here are a few!

*one of the views from our campsite*

*jakey showing his winning k-state pride while chillin' in his camp chair.... uhhhh, yeah. it was all just too much cute! just want to snuggle and kiss him. he was so mesmerized by the fire!*

*a lil' bit of  frambois to start our evening off right. please note impressive wood pile in the background*

*CAMPFIRE! i love them. and this is where i made and ate enough s'mores to put an entire scout troop to shame*

*after securing the campsite perimeter (multiple times), hunting wild beasts, staying alert to coyote noises, helping find firewood, chasing after the bocci-balls, sniffing everything, peeing on everything, keeping constant track of five humans whereabouts and doing the hard work of cleaning up the dinner/brekkie/snack remnants... milo crashed out*

*jakey the camo boy. we played a little bit of 'hide the baby' while in his campy camo... oh come on, you know you would too. even though his socks gave him away. and i'm sorry, but how ridiculously cute is THAT baby?! delicious i tell you. i may have had him as my mid-mornie snack!*


Laura Belle said...

Ahhh, too cute!

And Milo sounds just like Wyatt...going 1000 miles an hour only crash for 12 hours.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Fair Weather Camper,
Glad you got some R&R. I enjoyed your pics (good verbage on Milo's day)

Indi said...

Camo Jakey is adorable!!! Love it! Glad you had some good campy time!

Jill said...

Awww, baby camo is too cute, I would have to play hide and seek with him, too. Glad you had a great time, sounds perfect!

Marlene said...

You are brave to camp in the fall, but I am not a fan of the heat either so that would probably be better than me! You can bundle up in a tent but there is nothing worse than a sweaty, stuffy tent!

Irene said...

Loved the baby camo! You make camping look so cozy, especially with that fire.

I'm getting caught up with my blog reading, and I'm glad you're hanging in there with the cranky hip! Congratulations on your half marathon. Sometimes it's fun not to race it, but to enjoy the ride.

Mivvy said...

Wow, camping with a 6-month old, that's brave!