Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the prairie fire half marathon. in photograph.

It may be a few weeks after the fact, but here are pictures from the Prairie Fire Half Marathon. This is the first half where I ran mostly by myself, and without any goals. I wasn't running with anyone, or for any other reason other than to enjoy a half marathon. Which I did. I'm giving myself a gold star for that.

Now. For pictures.

*this would be me showing an example of what katie and i do before a race since we are far too impatient to wait for a port-a-potty. impatient + shameless = bad pre-race behavior.... i'll leave it at that. well... and thank goodness that kansans love their gigantic pickup trucks which are fantastic to use as 'squater' protection.*

*pre-race with the girls--shellers, me, katie and amy. we love to match, that's for sure. sheller found our outfits, loved it! because yeah, we are all in our 30's and we still go all matchsies with one another for races, what of it? HMMM?*

*this was around mile three, getting ready to head into my 'hood. i started the race with a hat and water bottle, that didn't last long. also, was totally soaked already by this time. this was pretty much where i was thinking 'maybe i'll just stop.*

*my fam, a neighbor and meggers and jakey out cheering me on from our house, see the mile 4 marker in the background?*

*milo found me and ran after, precious*

 *i'm running milo back home, he's such a happy little guy!*

*milo watching after me as i run back to the crowd, poor buddy just didn't understand why he couldn't go fur a run with mama*

*shellers husband took this, he was out spectating right by my neighborhood bookstore, i think this was around mile 6. happy runner!*

*this was before mile 9 and after mile 7, i only know this because i still have a gel tucked in my running shorts. i keep it classy! at least it's obvious how happy i was, just running...*

*coming off the keeper of the plains bridge, exactly around the time my calves started cramping up like nobody's bidness. rude, calves. very rude. pretty sure i'm concentrating on not making my calves any worse here.*

*soggy finish line! finished around 1:56.*


abbi said...

I just love those pictures of your dog running after you! So cute! :-)

Marlene said...


Great outfits!!

Lora said...

Very cool. Loving Milo.

Indi said...

Love that you are all smiles in these pics!! Awesome!! Run Milo Run..so adorable. Loving that you are loving running again!

Carolina John said...

Great pics! Looks like a really fun race.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Looks like you had fun that day... Lots of smiles. I think its cool the course ran by your house. Can't remember if I mentioned it, but I noticed Ed as I ran by your house and thought to myself, "hmm, I'll bet FWR lives there."

Gotta love Milo!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

ADORABLE!!! I so wish I could meet you one of these days!!

Jill said...

Awesome pictures, love all the smiles...and all the pink :). Congrats on the race!

Mark said...

Awesome pee stance, Robinson. Like a pro! Oh, and nice job on the racing too :) Looks like it was a blast!