Friday, March 9, 2012

seven weeks to my goal race. and waffling.

Man, waffles sound amazing right now. Strawberry waffles. With a shiz ton of syrup. Maybe some bacon. And eggs. With hot sauce. Hey... I've never claimed to be the healthiest eater. I enjoy food. This is why I workout.

Moving on. So. My goal race, which was originally the OKC half marathon in April, has been switched to the Wichita half marathon. Switched for a number of reasons that I will not bore you with (mostly due to our summer travel schedule and out of fairness to the edder. look. i live with a lawyer. we are nothing if not fair in our house). OKC is out. Wichita is in. I live to battle OKC another year. I'm not worried about that. Meh and meh.

However, thanks to an injured knee in yoga, family, teaching schedule, work, desire to sleep and maintain a social life.... well.... running didn't go so well for a few weeks. Mostly it was due to my knee. Which again, I hurt in hot yoga, out of my own stupidity. And no I didn't fall. Just placed my knee down in the wrong spot during a lunge and CRUNCH. Ow. Anyway, running more than three miles would hurt so badly that I couldn't walk without a gimp for a few days. I decided to throw in the towel for awhile, set running aside and focus on yoga and cross training. Mission accomplished. But not so great when trying to train for my ONE GOAL race of the year. In which I plan to beat my PR by three minutes.

Usher in the waffling. I don't want to go into my ONE GOAL race this year under-trained and unable to meet my goal because I couldn't get the runnings that I needed to ensure a fantastic race. That being said, as of this week I seem to be hitting all my runs, my speedwork, my cross training and doing it knee-pain free. Which is awesome. Although it still doesn't give me the confidence that I can achieve my ONE GOAL race. Just yet anyway. Also, wow my legs are sore. But I love it!

I'm going to give it a few weeks, let myself inch up to doing 8 miles of speedwork (which will be two weeks from now) and assess it then. In the meantime I plan to stick to my training.... the long runs even. I'm that sicko who would much rather run balls to the wall doing 8 miles of speedwork rather than run 12 easy miles. I have realized that I have no patience for the long run. I just want to get my run in for the day. Run hard, sweat hard, leave it all out there and move onto everything else in my day. Judge all you want. BLEECHHHHH.That's all I'll say about that.

Again, my goal is to run the half in 1:45. My PR is 1:48. Join me in two weeks for an assessment, we can make the decision then. Sound good? I'll bring the coffee.

In the meantime I have a few races planned for the next few months, including another half and a few 5K's. I'll start posting my weekly workouts again as well. This week will be partial though, since we obviously haven't hit the weekend yet.

Week Two Training:
Monday - 4 Miles Easy
Tuesday - 20 Minute Spin, 30 Minute Total Body Weights and Abs
Wednesday - 5 Mile Tempo w/ 3 @ 7:53 (loved it! nailed it!)
Thursday - 3 Miles Easy, 20 Minute Total Body Weights and Abs
Friday - 30 Minute Spin, 30 Minute Total Body Weights and Abs (planned)
Saturday - 1.5 Hour Hot Yoga (planned and followed by the best--and fattiest--mocha in the world)
Sunday - 8 Miles Long Run (planned)


abbi said...

Best of luck with the plan and hopefully no injuries. Big props for actually wanting to do the speedwork...I stick to long, slow, boring. Speedwork is too hard!

Indi said... after waffles I spaced out into the deliciousness of blueberry waffles in my case!!! OK..back now ;) You got this!!..back to waffles now!

lindsay said...

um i'm eating ice cream for breakfast. made with agave, so i'm still sugar free. but still, it's ice cream. and it tastes like regular ice cream... oink. oink.

i hope the knee gets it together in time for the re-assessment!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Good luck friend. This illness that has plagued my family has totally thrown me off schedule.. UGH!!

Carolina John said...

Sounds like you've got a good plan together! Now where can I find some waffles.......

You'll pull it together and get that 1:45. train for it and you'll get there.

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