Friday, March 16, 2012

six weeks to my goal race. creeping.

So. Six weeks to go to my supposed 'goal race' for the year. The more my calendar fills up with non-running related activities (like girls' weekends--i guess a few are running related, social events, yoga, beer brewing related stuff and brewery research, trips to san diego, montreal and the lake all within the next few months) the more I start to doubt I'll be able to fully concentrate and feel at peace running that half in April.

That said, my running is going pretty swell. I mentioned before my paces are creeping lower while I feel like I'm making less of an effort than ever before. Even still, I am creeping. Slowly. Toward maybe becoming a bit faster (at short distances only, natch). My easy running pace has gone from feeling comfy and easy at a 9:30 pace to feeling more than comfy and like I could run forever at a 8:45 pace. That said, I often hold myself back and slow down just to be safe. Then catch myself creeping lower again, it's a constant battle on my easy runs right now. Again, all for not wanting to risk injury.

But, I can hope this creeping is real and not going away. Time will tell. In fact during my speedwork yesterday I was doubting I'd be able to hit my pace on my 1 mile repeats. Fear of injury is always looming, breaking my running confidence. But yesterday I decided to just go for it, to give my goal pace a shot and see what happened. And you know what? I ran those repeats at a 7:30 pace and it felt awesome. I'm tempted to lower my mile repeat pace, and tempted to let myself run at my comfortable pace on easy and longer runs, but fear again is setting in. I don't want to get injured.

Thoughts, anyone?!

This is where I'm torn. My running is improving, creeping along into a faster pace, but I still feel like I'm not giving (and haven't given) my looming half marathon the attention it needs. I'm hitting maybe 20 miles a week. My focus is far more on yoga and cross training. My running almost feels secondary now, even tertiary, to almost everything in my life. Which is a complete change from how it used to be. Maybe with the pressure off and the ability to run free and happy it is actually helping. Who knows.

I'm clearly still in doubt about tackling my goal race in April. I have a feeling it will be a last minute decision. That I will wake up race morning and say yerp I'm gonna go for it, or shut the alarm clock off, roll over and go back to sleep. Honestly I'm not too concerned either way. Maybe it's better this way. I think I train better this way!

Decisions, decisions. And creeping.

Week Three Training: 
Monday - 6 Miles
Tuesday - Spin, Weights, Abs
Wednesday - 3 Miles
Thursday - 5 Miles Speedwork @ 7:30 pace, Hot Yoga
Friday - Off (birthday celebrations)
Saturday - 5K, Weights, Abs (planned)
Sunday - 7 Miles and Hot Yoga (planned)

In other news, I will be running a 5K tomorrow morning, decked out in full annoying Irish style all matchy with my girlfriends. I am supposed to be racing AP, a boy.... so I can beat him once and for all. Currently he is ahead by two races. Grrrrrrr. However, thanks to lack of training I'm not sure I'm ready to PR in this race. Especially considering I am plagued by my annual and horrendous spring allergies right now. My current 5K PR is from this race last year. So I may be tempted to give it a shot, or I may just run for kicks and giggles. I guess it will be one of those things where I wake up either ready to race, or ready to enjoy a race alongside my friends. I'll let you know!

Happy almost weekend, blahgesphere.


Indi said...

YOu shall kick AP's butt I just know it! Good Luck! I think all the non-pressure is helping you tons on the running front!!

lindsay said...

i hope this weekend's race went well! i have awesome allergies as well, except mine don't seem to have a preference as to which season they flare up during since they seem to do it all year long. today i looked up my nostrils for the first time ever. let's just say there is no room for oxygen to flow.

Patty White said...

You doing what all atheletes do, over indulge in over thinking all runs, races, & training! You're doing very well & the cross training days are essential elements in your training. Great work outs! If your body feels good, keep going.

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