Wednesday, April 11, 2012

best part of my day. helpers.

I have a few race re-caps, some logging of my workouts last week and more to blahg about. For now, just a tidbit about the best part of my yesterday. Since I worked too late last night to make it to hot yoga I decided to just get some yoga in at home.

Whenever I do anything on the floor at home--whether yoga, stretching, what have you--my cat Franklin and my dog Milo feel the need to 'help' me. They are excellent helpers.

You can't tell but Milo is generously gnawing on his bone and Franklin is walking back and forth and back and forth underneath me reminding me he is, point of fact, also in the room. Letting out his tortured sounding meows of pain (i.e. he is screaming: STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND PAY ATTENTION TO ME YOU A-HOLE) isn't enough, he has to walk under me, shove his big cute kitty head into my legs and let me know he is ready for dinner. Or water. Or to be picked up. Or to be let outside. Or he is protesting that there was a sunrise that morning. Or that he is sick of the Kardashian's. Or that the Republicans are totally screwed in this election. Or that CNN won't let him be a corespondent. The list goes on.

Clearly my animals live a painful existence, especially considering how I allow them to freely wander, gnaw on bones, cry at me, head butt my legs, flop and roll all over my yoga mat, when I'm trying to doing yoga. ROUGH. LIFE. But dammit, do I love those manimals.


Indi said...

Milo looks like a ginat fuzzy log in there :) Love it!!

Carolina John said...

Try doing it with kids. My girls love finding me doing yoga in my underwear in the living room. They used to bend some with me - creating three people on one mat - fun. Now they just point and laugh. They grow up so fast.

lindsay said...

my dog would always plop himself down in the middle of my yoga mat whenever i unrolled it to do abs or yoga, as if i was putting it out for him. so clearly, we can blame my stiffness and flabby abs on him.