Friday, April 13, 2012

easter sun run 10K. calling it the 'sun run' might be a stretch....

So. Here's the thing. I have two race reports to do. And really, you know what I realized? If I myself don't care THAT much about posting on my races? Does anyone else? Chirp.....chirp..... But... I keep this blog as a virtual scrapbook of my races, so post I must. I should take pictures of my ACTUAL race scrapbook that I started when I first began racing in graduate school. BRILLIANT.

Moving on. I'm doing this all out of order. I'm writing this race report before I get I write about my LAST race. Meh. I think we are all okay with that here. Wouldn't ya'll rather see pictures of my dog anyway and hear about my meltdowns? I thought so.

Nonetheless. Race report. I knew I wasn't in true racing shape. As in I was well aware no matter the racing conditions (i.e. nice cool rainy weather) I wouldn't be setting a PR. I was right. However, I did meet my goal of running the 10K in under 50 minutes. So I'll take it. I would like to shave two minutes off of my 10K PR, and I am confident that will happen in due time. Once I've trained longer than a few weeks in preparation for it.

It was a chilly, yet humid (this can only happen in kansas, of that i'm sure) and very stormy morning. My faithful racing buddies showed up to my house pre-race and we sat around listening to the rain and piddling about until we decided to head over to the race. Because we aren't scuuuuured of a little rain. Plus the lightning had (mostly) quit by that time.

As for the race itself, the rain managed to stay away for most of the race, it spit at us a little toward the end, then the rain started again once we were heading out after the race. And I managed to maintain a nice even split of 8 minute miles. You know how I roll, keep the run pace even steven. If there is one thing I love, it's an even final split.

So that's that. My finish time (according to my garmin, that i whipped out and used for the first time since last year) was 49:43. Trying to get the official results this year has not been successful.  They aren't posted on the race website or anywhere that I can find. So the official results will remain a mystery for now. 

 *post-race with megger and sheller (and the back of 2Slow4Boston's head....)*


Indi said...

2 posts in 2 days....on a roll :)
Hey Sun or not..that a pretty kick-ass 10k time!!! pretty sure I'd be passing out with that speed!! Now keep rolling with the posts :)

Rodneyb said...

Glad that you enjoyed the race. Sorry for the lack of sun. We will see what we can do about that next year :)

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

It was nice seeing you at the Easter Run.

I have yet to post my SunRun report, so you're more on the ball than me.

BTW, the results are posted on the website.