Friday, April 27, 2012

six weeks to hospital hill.

I feel like my life is a spiral of crazy right now. Not in a bad way, just in a busy way. Things I've known were coming my way for months are now here, and I'm all... "whaaaaaa? wait, no that's not for awhile yet." Uhhhhh, no. Things are coming at me left and right, and I need to catch up. Quickly.

I have a half marathon to run in six weeks. Hospital Hill is quickly approaching. I'm not going to race this, seeing how it will be hot as balls and humid. But that doesn't mean I want to just give up on it. I still want to do it in under two hours. And while my speed is in fine shape for that pace in a half, my endurance, not so much.

I'm worried about getting my longer miles in considering some upcoming travel. We are heading to San Diego next week, and while yes I can and do run on vacation, I don't want to obsess over getting in a 12 miler while I'm busy surfing, hiking, exploring and eating my way through a week of fun and relaxation.

Hopefully I can get in a few 12-milers in the weekends after my trip. That ball will be in my court. As in finally giving in, manning up, and running the longer miles I've been avoiding the past.... oh....six months or so.

In other news. Amid life, work, teaching, beer brewing business, distractions and not checking my 'running' email in about three months, I totally forgot about the NYC lottery drawing. Thanks to Twitter I was reminded, so I went and checked my email account and saw I didn't get in. I'm not disappointed by this information. One bit. For a variety of reasons. One being that my main marathon partner will be having a baby right around that time! SQUUUUUUEEEEEE!! Had I gotten in, I would have deferred. No fun in doing a 'dream' marathon alone, right?

Week 4 of HH (hospital hill 1/2) Training: 
Monday - 3 Miles Easy
Tuesday - 5 Miles Easy
Friday - 5 Miles Easy / Hot Yoga
Saturday - 10 Miles (planned)
Sunday - Hot Yoga (planned)


Indi said...

I'd say boo on not getting into NYC, but sounds like that turned out well!! Woohoo!! you have a busy summer ahead lady..can't wait to see you in there somewhere :) Hugs

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Having a baby is a GOOD IDEA :)

I will run NYC someday... not sure when, that would require actually training for a Marathon again and I am sorta loving the Half distance.

Hope your busy life slowed a little.