Wednesday, May 23, 2012

about san diego.

Our trip to San Diego in early May is still fresh in my mind, even though I haven't posted about it yet. Basically I had a lot of fun, spent most of my time outdoors, stuffed my boca with some fantastic food, spent some quality time with my cousins and the Edder and laughed a lot. It reminded me how much I love being outdoors, and how much I love a good adventure.

Day 1: We went to San Diego for a conference for Edder, and stayed in downtown SD. So while Edder spent each day at his conference, I hung out with my cousin until we all met up in the evenings. My cousin came and picked me up at the hotel each morning. The first day we happened upon an amazing coffee shop in Little Italy, stocked up on the good stuff and headed for Ocean Beach. Where we spent the day combing the surf shops, surfing and riding around on beach cruisers. 

*Ocean Beach and the longest pier on the West Coast*

*heading out to surf at dog beach. handy that my cousin lives a mere 10 steps away from the beach*

*my pitiful attempts at surfing, i was awful at it, but it was FUN*

Day 2: While Edder headed out for another day of exhilarating conferencing, my cousin and I headed out for a hike at Three Sisters. It. Was. Incredible. Pictures don't do it justice, but I'll post some anyway. After our hike in the back country we headed back, cleaned up, then went out to stuff our faces with Sushi and Sake.

*at the beginning of our hike, if you look in the middle of the picture, a little blip of white, you can see the waterfall we were hiking to. four miles round trip*

*just a small glimpse at the terrain we were hiking, a mix of straight boulders and dirt path*

*the second of the 'three sisters' waterfalls. this was our prize for our hike. well worth it*

Day 3: Off to another day of conferencing for the Edder. My cousin and I enjoyed another authentic Italian coffee and breakfast then headed to the beach. Where we hung out and relaxed a good portion of the day. It was Cinco de Mayo and a Saturday so there were humans everywhere. We people watched, talked, napped, surfed a little, then got ready to celebrate in style. With the blue-hairs at an old school SD mexi-joint. We spent the evening enjoying margaritas, the sunset, a night walk on the beach and some good old fashioned hanging out. We left early the next morning and spent the day in airports. I have no doubt we will return to SD sooner rather than later.

*the edder photo-bombing carrie and i after we went surfing at dog beach*

*the edder and the fritzer (my cousin's boyfriend) heading out to surf*

 *cinco de mayo sunset, our view while enjoying a margarita*

 *the super moon on our last night in SD*

Since I have long abandoned Facebook, I started keeping pictures on Flickr. So if you wanna see more FWR life pictures, you can check my Flickr. If you so desire:


Kovas Palubinskas said...

I keep trying to get my wife to move to SD (I grew up in Huntington Beach) but so far no go.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

I hear SD has perfect running weather year round, so my question is, why wasn't a Fair Weather Runner running in those perfect conditions? :-)

I guess I can't blame you for all those other distractions. Kinda cool you got to try out the surfing while Ed's working. My wife surfs (on the internet) while I'm at work too.

Indi said...

AWesome, awesome vacay! Poor Edder missed out, but glad he at least got some surfing in! Will have to visit sometime too!

Julia said...

wow! sounds like a fantastic getaway! and your pictures are gorgeous! thanks for sharing!

J said...

I haven't been to California in almost 7 years and I want to go back! Looks like a pretty awesome vacation!

Carolina John said...

What a fun trip! I've always wanted to see San Diego. That hike looks fantastic. excellent choice.

Jill said...

Oh how fun!! San Diego is one of my favorite places to visit and I am headed there next weekend with my daughter for a few days and I'm doing the SD RnR Half. So glad you got in lots of cool things to do...the hike is so pretty (no way I'll get my daughter to do it though :( ).

lindsay said...

ahhhh i love san diego! i am so jealous. i think edder needs to have more conferences over there. and i should probably come along too :)