Monday, May 21, 2012

two weeks to hospital hill. sufficient torture.

After last week's training I'm finally feeling like I will survive my upcoming half marathon. My goal is still to run the half in under two hours. Considering my lack of endurance training lately, I'll be happy if I can do that. My current fear is that the hills will cause some major calf cramping, I'm trying to prepare for that in every way possible. So far, so good.

My training is on track. Preparations for the half have been made. Hotel, dinner reservations and other plans are made for the weekend.

Random aside: The race is on the weekend right after anniversary number nine--HOLY WHAT?!--for the Edder and I. Our tradition is to take a trip of some sort for every anniversary. This year we are just going to keep it low key and take the race weekend as our anni celebration. We are saving the big plans for year 10.

Continuing on. New running outfit for race is on order. New (hopefully obnoxious bright yellow or pink) Free's are being shipped from the Nike headquarters outlet this week (thanks to my sister's sister-in-law who works for nike). And my hair is set to be chopped off. I think that covers everything for this race. So basically. BRING IT.

Week Eight of HH Training: 
Monday - 4 Mile Recovery Run
Tuesday - Hot Yoga
Wednesday - 4 Miles
Thursday - 7 Mile Tempo w/ 5 @ 7:45 Pace
(w/ inclines thrown in every half mile. my goal was to put myself through torture to practice for the half's humidity, heat and hills. torture sufficiently doled out. i slept well that night.)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Rest (had planned on 3 or so miles, ended up doing yardwork instead)
Sunday - 12 Miles

Total Mileage = 27


B.o.B. said...

oooh i love a bright, obnoxious racing outfit! bring it indeed sister. you will do great!

Indi said...

9yrs!!! see we both celebrate 10 next year!! How fun! Boo on me missing out on your HH run...but we shall catch up come July!

Carolina John said...

27 miles is a great week! you're ready to rock and roll. Great!

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