Monday, June 4, 2012

best part of my day.

Since I'm waiting on pictures from the Hospital Hill half marathon to show up in my inbox, I'll just post a different picture that I was sent over the weekend. At the Zoo LAST weekend with the fam. And a random zookeeper who decided to hang out with us for quite awhile. Which was entertaining.

*my sisters and me, our boys, this girl and her boys, our dad WALKING (remember he broke his leg in february), and the kiddos. heading to see itty bitty baby goats. oh, and the zookeeper. 
who befriended us*

p.s. as a preview: i absolutely loved the hospital hill half marathon, it was way less hilly than i expected! and i made my goal of coming in under two hours with a finish time of 1:53:49. more later!


Mark said...

My legs beg to differ on the level of hill action. They say it was hilllllly!

Indi said...

So glad you loved it!! can't wait to see you in about 4 weeks!!

Julia said...

fun pic!! congrats on a great time at the half!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Looking forward to the Hospital Hill Report. Glad you were happy with the outcome.

lindsay said...

you're so cool, hanging out with the zookeepers. i could use some tips on making friends, please share!

woo hoo sub-2!