Monday, November 17, 2008

beef with calcium, it's what's for dinner...

My friend Kristen was perusing my blog the other day, obviously just perusing, because if she were reading every single word and cherishing it she would not have made the mistake of blowing past the fact that "beef with calcium" is NOT in fact a new Chinese dish similar to beef with broccoli. I only say this and point it out because Kristen is hands down the smartest woman I know, she's a very busy and important lawyer. I heart her.

However, I'm sort of glad she was under the impression it was some sort of new meal because:
1) It made me almost pee my pants when she explained that she actually thought it was a new food
B) I felt smarter than a lawyer, even if just for a moment (keep in mind I live with a lawyer, so I have a complex in this area)

Of course she quickly realized there was more to that sentence. But I still managed to eek some joy out of it, and am humiliating her as much as possible over this fact. It's what friends are for.

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