Saturday, November 15, 2008

james taylor and my buttons...

We all have those "buttons" that when pushed enough we get really riled up. At home I have a few buttons, but there are two very hot buttons that get me especially riled up, and Ed knows exactly what they are:
1) James Taylor (because I loathe him)
2) Accusing me of not being interested in doing things with Ed, (no particular thing just daily errands, or riding in his boat while he fishes, or watching him play on his iPhone, you get the point) or spending time with him

He possesses the gift of being able to push those buttons like nobody's business, a gift he makes a point of using every single day if possible. He capitalizes on this gift when he sees I'm slightly grumpy (i.e. before I've had my coffee on any given morning).

I have no idea why I hate James Taylor so much, I can't explain it, but the fact remains that the mere mention of his name makes me cringe. The funny thing is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, mellow and folksy, singer/songwriter type music like The Submarines, Greg Laswell, the Once soundtrack, Coldplay, John Mayer, etc, heck I even love me some Neil Diamond (I just wanted to throw that in there, I know he isn't folksy)! Seriously. But I hear James Taylor's squeaky annoying little voice on the radio and my head starts to spin.

What is the appeal America? I have never hated a musician so much. The other thing is that I love Christmas music, I love that our radio stations are now playing Christmas music here in Wichita (yes I'm one of "those" people) but for some reason James Taylor seems to be the musician of choice as about every third Christmas song on the radio is by him. I can't stand it, so I immediately flip the station, I'm pretty sure I visibly cringe any time I hear a song of his.

Ed of course, finds this hilarious. And while not a James Taylor fan, will make it a point, if we happen across a James Taylor song on the radio, to try as hard as he can to keep the song on for as long as possible. To push said button. Obviously.

This morning we went on our typical Saturday morning jaunt to a neighborhood bakery for breakfast treats and our favorite neighborhood coffee shop for mochas. We always take our dog Milo and sometimes Ed's best friend will meet us at the coffee shop and we'll sit outside with Milo and Paul and enjoy our coffee.

This morning, before the beautiful caffeination hit my blood, Ed started with the button pushing concerning James Taylor and Christmas music, and Paul joined in. I got so riled up my face got all red and hot! I can't even remember the context, something about Ed and Paul buying as many James Taylor Christmas CD's as possible, I don't know. I do know that although I love the Christmas music, I'm dreading the thought of being in the car happily listening away and that James Taylor comes on, shrieking my beloved Christmas favorites, for the next two months. It's a price I'll have to pay I suppose.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! The first time I heard his song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" on the radio his annoyingly high voice annoyed me so much I just had to Shazam it to see who it belonged to! Don't know why people even like his voice...

Jesse said...

Two years ago my dad gave my mom a James Taylor CD for Christmas, and of course, Christmas morning while we were eating breakfast, they had it playing. I was still sleepy and still kind of aggrivated. Anyway, the sound of his voice made me want to reach in to my own ears with needle nose pliars and rip my eardrums through my ear holes!!! I hate his voice so much!!! I'm just glad someone else out there feels the same.