Wednesday, November 12, 2008

off hiatus...

Well I'm officially done with my no work-out, comfort food consuming, laying on the couch, being a useless lump, stint. I went swimming over lunch, just 15 laps, it's amazing how quickly you can lose what's been built up, but I'm not too concerned, in the end, the hiatus was much needed and well worth it. Seriously, wouldn't you choose Cracker Barrel's double order of cheesy potatoes after a two-hour cry, instead of a work-out? Don't answer that...

Last week my blood work results came back, my calcium, vitamin d, and iron are fine and healthy. Leading me again to question the root of my stress fracture. More and more I'm convinced it was the impact of a 16-mile hike down and back up the Grand Canyon in cheapish hiking shoes, combined with seven-plus miles of speed work every week for two months, not necessarily weak bones. But I'm not taking any chances and I still drink soy milk every morning and have started taking calcium, fascinating I know.

Here's my current beef with calcium. I bought my current calcium pills, trying to be careful with my money, and opted to get the more economical liquid capsules instead of the yummy chocolate calcium chews. Although the better economic option, the capsules aren't really the best choice. Just staring at the bottle makes me feel queasy. You see the first day I took one, I just popped the massive, bigger than horse sized pill into my mouth before eating any breakfast and felt nauseous the rest of the day. It was miserable.

Those pills would scare an elephant, seriously, disturbingly large capsules. I decided I should do as the bottle says, and eat with food. So sitting at my desk today eating lunch, and staring at that evil HUGE pill, I thought it would be brilliant to put the pill in my slice of peach, like a parent would do with their kid. Then I focused on my computer screen and thought of something happy and pretended I wasn't taking that capsule. It kind of did the trick, but just thinking of it now makes me gag. But seeing how I have a whooping 240 calcium pills (thank you Walgreen's vitamin sale) it seems I'm going to have to find a way to choke those suckers down. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

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