Sunday, November 30, 2008

running off the tryptophan...

Thanksgiving in my family is our big holiday, it is full of activities the entire weekend. It's late Sunday afternoon and I feel a little sad because I hardly got to see anyone since I was sick. Plus, I was stupid and made myself more sick by being the stubborn person I am, and went running while sick. Funny enough I didn't run yesterday or today and I am finally feeling better this afternoon.

Ed and I decided to step outside the box for Thanksgiving day this year.
Ed and I were kindly invited to some friends house for Thanksgiving dinner, and since we always do the same thing, year in and year out, we decided to take them up on their offer and it was a lot of fun! The food was fantastic and the company fun, it was good to do something different this year, very low-key and stress-free, can't beat that! We decided to have dinner with friends since I wasn't expecting to end up sick and we thought we would still have plenty of opportunity to see the family. Thankfully I did get to see my family at lunch yesterday, that promptly wiped me out so I was done for the day.

As for running, even though it made me more sick, it was fun! I ran three miles on Thursday and Friday morning both. I haven't run that far at one time since my injury, needless to say my foot is still sore today, but again, that is just how it will be for awhile. It's probably for the best I didn't run yesterday or today. I didn't run purely out of a desire to get well since I have to go back to work tomorrow I figure I should try and be as well as possible.

I'm quite proud of myself for going three miles two days in a row, we didn't run the entire three miles, we walked/ran, but hey, it was still three miles. My cousin Rachel ran with us and she just ran a marathon, so she was sweet and patient and went our pace (thanks Rach!) because she could have blown us all away! And both runs were followed with a visit to Starbucks with my sister on Thursday and with Rachel and Jessica on Friday. So even though I missed out on fun family events I was still able to see everyone a little bit, not as much as I would have liked though.

It felt good to go three miles and I knew if it weren't for protecting my foot I could have run further and faster, so that made me feel better about the shape I'm in. I was worried I would be back to mile 1 in regard to my health and ability, but really running those three miles was a breeze and for that I'm thankful. I think my running will come back to where it was fairly quickly. However, had
I known I would just get more sick from running, I probably would have held off. Oh the things we learn.

Other things I am thankful for (my friend Meaghan's blog inspired me!):
Ed, Milo, Fred and Frank
Family and friends
My job and the new job I just got teaching at Wichita State University
My Health
My New Haircut
Starbucks and Il Primo
Milano cookies
New running shoes
The Office & The Soup
Seven Jeans
Knolla's Pizza
Running buddies
Snow and Water Skiing
My Piano
Good memories
Nike running gear and fleece sweatpants
Snuggly sweatshirts and cozy blankets
Thanksgiving and Christmas
All the beautiful little things that can be found in our world

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californiameaghan said...

i should add the office, the soup, wine and milanos to my list! nicely done!