Sunday, December 7, 2008

that'll wake a girl up...

It was 26 degrees this morning, a morning when I should be snuggled up all warm and cozy in my bed with my down comforter, my fluffy dog, and my warm Ed. Instead I dragged myself out of bed at 7:45a dropped my feet on the freezing cold wood floors, brushed my teeth, slapped on my warmest running gear and headed out the door. I was half asleep driving to the park to meet Jessica for three miles. But the instant I got out of the car my breath was taken away and I was undoubtedly awake.

We headed out and the Kansas wind wasn't shy at all this morning, at least the sun was shining and the sky was absolutely clear. For most of the run we were sheltered from the wind by the trees, but once we hit some open land I swear we almost fell over from the cold strong wind. We made it our three miles and walked less than we have since starting to run again. We hadn't seen each other in more than a week, which is much too long in my opinion, so our conversation was a good distraction to my burning lungs!

We finished up and headed straight to the bathroom to blow our runny noses. Note to self: buy travel kleenex today at Target. So our noses were bright red and runny, and our toes and fingers were freezing, but it was absolutely worth it. Plus I felt encouraged that our winter running will go well this year, since last year the cold weather combined with wind would have sent me straight to the gym treadmill. It's amazing what a little Nike cold running gear will do for a girls motivation.

I got home and proceeded to drag Ed out of bed and we went to get our morning mochas. A delightful way to start the day. Now I'm going to take a nap because I have some Christmas Tree chopping to do this afternoon!

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