Thursday, January 22, 2009

feeling squeaky clean...

This marks the start of day four on the cleanse. I thought as time passed it would get more difficult. I assumed at this point I would be using all my concentration and effort resisting the irresistible, especially highly refined sugar. Little secret, I've been known to finish off a big bag of sour patch kids alone in five minutes flat. Okay, really I do that about twice a week, so you see my weakness here. Coffee and sugar are my biggies.

The only complaints I have are that as I continue to drop down to less and less coffee, I had a total of 2 oz. this morning, the caffeine headaches are starting, but they are bearable with a little help from my b.f.f. Aleve. However, I'm loving my newly found tea habit, in fact at this moment I'm consuming one of Starbucks new Tazo Tea Lattes, London Fog with soy milk and it's a delicious treat! I also love that I'm forced to eat a hearty breakfast of oatmeal made with with soy milk and filled with fruit. Because if I don't I end up running around the office chasing my co-workers trying to eat whatever is in their hands, or their hands themselves, before my 10a snack of fruit leather. So far there have been no co-worker casualties, thanks to said lovely oatmeal.

Yet another upside to this cleanse is getting super creative with my meals, making variations to my typical weekly staples has been interesting, but it works! I'm going to post some of my recipes soon, they were surprisingly good. YOU BETCHA. Can't wait can you?

Lastly, I'm loving this cleanse because, and trying not to get into too many details, details which happen to be a topic my sister and I discuss on a regular basis, to our husbands disgust. But when I say I'm on a cleanse, wow, I mean it. There are toxins coming out of my body in ways that are just purely wrong. Things are happening to my intestines, but it makes them happy it seems. I feel so light and clean with zero bloating. But like I said, I'll just leave it at that. Just know that I feel squeaky clean on the inside.

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running man said...

That's just beautiful!lol!really! I knew it would make you feel great.