Wednesday, September 23, 2009

honest scrap.

I'm getting to this about a month after the fact, but Mel at Tall Mom tagged me for this ME-ME. The rules are to link back to the presenter, share 10 things about yourself that your readers may not know that are true, and then pass it on and notify the people you pass the award on to!!

10 things about Me:
1. I used to be a vegetarian, in fact I grew up in a Veg home, even though my mom never forced being Veg on us (but she did sure instill into us not eating junk, which i soooo appreciate now that i'm 30 and will totally pass that on to my children) in college I just decided I wanted to be. Then I met Ed. And we had dinner at the Outback one night, and I saw his steak, he offered a taste. I then proceeded to steal his steak from him, gobble it up and have been loving me some beef and BBQ ever since! I'm a good Kansan.

2. I am what I like to call "particular," others probably call this picky. I'm very particular about how my food is prepared, what I eat, how I look, my clothes, my house, my laundry, and germs, but I don't expect others to be this way.

3. I was homeschooled. People never guess when meeting me that I was homeschooled... I take this a huge compliment. The reason my sister didn't know who Ted Nugent was, is basically because we were homeschooled, the Nuge doesn't really fit the homeschooler 'mold.'

4. I almost went to law school, I actually met Ed at a law school open house at Washburn University where I didn't realize he also went to WSU (the undergrad we both graduated from) and we happened to be in the same class at WSU... and apparently he knew who I was, so I was the a-hole. I saw how passionate Ed was about law, realized I couldn't compete with him and his brilliance and decided to get a masters degree instead. I made the right choice. Ed puts nearly every lawyer out there to shame.

5. I have an enourmous crush on Alec Baldwin and his character on 30 Rock. I've never had a celebrity obsession before, EVER, not even as a kid. But dang it if I don't heart me some Alec Baldwin, I want to squeeze his face.

6. I am naturally blonde, I don't dye or color my hair. Ed calls me the super-aryian (oh lord i hope those last two words don't bring the crazies out on my blog). Oh but I do dye my eyebrows, beacuse if I don't, I look like i'm 10 years old.

7. I have played piano since I was 12, I was offered a nearly full ride scholarship to a local University to major in Piano, but I just didn't want to do it, so now I'm up to my eyeballs in student loan debt, but sticking to my guns, I made the right decision.

8. I was never a fan of dogs until I started running and decided I needed a running buddy. Ed found my delicous Milo-Miles at the Humane Society, I hated him the first week we had him, now I treat that dog like a mother treats her 2-year-old! Yes I'm one of THOSE dog owners. And yes I put antlers on him at Christmas (Ashley that was for you).

9. I have three siblings (two sisters and a brother). I can't imagine having four kids, mad props mom how you did it is beyond me, but I also can't imagine not having all the fun we had growing up together.

10. This is the doozy, the one that's one of those things you don't really admit to people outside of your house. Here goes. I like popping zits and clipping toenails (others, not mine). Gross, but ohhhh so satisfying!

Passing this Award to fellow Kansans (as is my ME-ME norm):
Oz Runner
Kristen the Running Lawyer
Ashley (she was born Kansan)
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Marlene said...

Grost post! Love the honesty.

I have two sisters and a brother too. :)

rachel said...

i also have never dyed my hair (blonde...i did temp dye it blue for the Mizzou game, but unfortunately forgot to include the eyebrows in that fiasco). way to go swedish people! (it sounds much better than yelling "aryians rule!" umm, yeahhhhh.)

Anonymous said...

I like to think of myself as particular too :)

RunnuRMark said...

So glad you came to the meat is better with cow. Now I'm often do you have to dye your eyebrows?? And I'm sure Alec Baldwin would be happy to whip up a batch of his famous Schweaty balls for such a devoted fan if you asked him!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OK I probably should not admit this either...but I am with you on #10...poor muscle man I am always attacking his skin. I swear it is a compulsion..

This was FUN!! Great list..

I love the Law School story and that is amazing that you have such a gift for piano..

4 kids seems really overwhelming, I am not sure I could even handle 3. That Duggar Mom is prego with her 19th.. WTF??

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Please tell me you didn't have to wear All-covering bathing suits?? Like on the last episode...UGH!! I can't even imagine.. Wow you could write a whole book on your wholesome upbringing..

I am SUPER tempted to find a Marathon this weekend and just RUN.. How STUPID is that? I have been sick all week, and I feel like I could run a Marathon this weekend. There are screws loose everywhere. But this is the last weekend where I could have sore legs without it affecting Volleyball.. UGH!!
Compulsize craziness...

Look forward to the post later today.

Ashley said...

Speaking of antlers...where's the post with those side-by-side photos that I so kindly sent you with you, Ed, and Milo...and that other family?? ;) We need to share that with the world. Srsly, it's too good to NOT SHARE!!!

Thanks for the tag....I think someone else tagged me on one of these about a month ago and I completely forgot about it until now. I suck! Geez....I have some bloggie-catching-up to do. I still need to do my race report. I'm so behind....

X-Country2 said...

Love that post! All of it. And uh, I may totally with you on #10.

Irene said...

I also never had a dog UNTIL the one I have now, a Humane Society adoption. She no longer can run with me, but she follows me everywhere... She won't let me put the antlers on her, though... We've tried! LOL.

aron said...

love these :)

i am one of THOSE dog owners too :) nothing wrong with it!! hehe

Irish Cream said...

HA, okay, your story about Outback is one of the best I've ever heard. I kind of wish I could have been there to witness it! And thank goodness we both were saved from law school . . . whew!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great list, but can't say i relate to your number 10. other people's feet gross me out lol.