Wednesday, December 23, 2009

best part of my day.

Disclaimer, this is totally a chick-centric post: As you may recall from last year, the Robinson household always lets Christmas come early. Even though I have been a scrooge this year, somehow, today my mood was changed. Maybe it's the fact that I don't have to work for the next four days.

Regardless. After the gym and some dinner, Edder and I went ahead and participated in the Robinson household tradition and started opening gifts. Let me preface this. I am easily amused. And I am totally a full fledged member of my paternal family at heart (read: I have a hard time with change, warming up to things/people, and letting go of something I'm attached to). So. I've had this wallet, that I bought at Old Navy proudly for $2 back in summer 2006. It's probably the ugliest thing I've ever purchased. BUT IT WAS TWO DOLLARS.

Moving on, I'm a professional (and therefore very busy and important). Married to a fellow professional (who is more busy, less important, and quite more ridiculous). And there is a certain point in life (coughahem, like hitting 30) when you have to step up and graduate from the $2, ink-covered and stained heinous looking wallet from Old Navy.

*my old wallet*

Enter my favorite Running Lawyers (yes both of them), who both have this magnificent wallet (a/k/a "clutch") I've been drooling over for years now. I will have lunch with them, and instead of salivating over the sushi, I salivate over their wallets, because they have matching ones.
And they are fantastic, and pretty and shiny. Preface complete.

Back to tonight, where the Robinsons proceed to act like
eight-year-olds, all amped up and excited to open Christmas gifts a few days early....hey, there is something to be said about your own traditions, right? And me reacting more strongly to any gift than I ever have in the history of Ed and I being together....even Ed said it. I got more excited about my gift tonight that I did about my engagement ring.

I GOT THE WALLET. The coveted beautiful flat clutch I've been salivating over for three years. I have it. It's mine.... all mine. My precious. THAT, was the best part of my day.

*new wallet, the black one, milo is already guarding it for me*

Also. My cat Frank. Who I've written about but never posted a picture of. He's what I like to call "husky"... and he likes him some treats. Even if they are the dog's treats. And he is so darn cute I couldn't help but take a picture of him trying to pilfer the dog treats and post it. So here you go:


Anonymous said...

Definitely a step up! Enjoy it.

RunnuRMark said...

soooo...something about that nasty little old wallet makes me want to throw up. Glad you got a new one. Definitely time to step up from the 8th grade girl wallet.

Sounds like Christmas is already off to a good start for you. Hope your long weekend is great. Try not to overdo it on the chocolate beer and turn into a Christmas train wreck ;)

Anonymous said...

This was funny, but I love the new wallet! And your husky cat too ;)

Irish Cream said...

Hahaha, glad I'm not the only person who buys things because I can pay for them with the toll change out of my car! That is a BEAUTIFUL new wallet! You are so grown up!

Also, I think I love your husky kitty. He kind of reminds me of myself; not that I eat dog treats . . .

MrsCJ said...

Yay! Your wallet looks super cute!


Lacy said...

I had one from American Eagle that had like a reflector strip on it. Me and my BFF got matching ones int MIDDLE school! When Jude was a toddler, I kept getting embarrassed around other mothers, so I opted for a grown up wallet.
Yours is much nicer though!
Cheers to growing up!

Ashley said...

Congrats on your big-girl wallet, friend. I just got me one of those (well, a cheap version) not long ago as match my new purse. Had to leave the old pink, falling-apart wallet of 4 years behind. I feel so grown up now. ;)

PS - word verification = tipurail...and of course, the thought that went through my head (being the mature adult that I am) was "heh heh...just the tip." It also reminded me of pancakes, for some odd reason.... ;)

Marlene said...

Yes - you def needed a new wallet. It's a nice one!