Monday, March 1, 2010

8 weeks to my half 'm' day.

Holy shiz, I can't believe OKC is only eight weeks away. Which means it's been almost a year since I ran my first and only marathon. THAT marathon.... that thing that totally kicked my ass and beat me to a pulp? Yeah, that one. Just needed to throw that out there.

This past week was my 'rest' week for training. And did I EVER take it very seriously. My sad little hip has been angry with me, so I decided to give it a rest and only ran twice and went to yoga once. LAME. But seeing how it WAS my birthday week... yes, WEEK, I went ahead and decided to not feeling guilty about any of it and sure did eat a brownie for breakfast on Saturday just to be defiant about it all. So take that week nine of training.

Today though, I am getting back on the training wagon like a good little runner. I'll be hitting the gym and the streets like a mad woman trying to make up for my uselessness last week. IT. IS. ON. I'm determined to make sure OKC doesn't kick my ass yet again, even if I am just running the half. We'll see how that turns out. Today, I'm not hopeful. But it's Monday, and it's cold and I haven't had nearly enough Milano's to determine my opinion on all of the above. So I should just shut up and eat. On that note, I have some Milano's to consume.

But not before I mention that I've decided I'm ready for spring, and the Edder has been making fun of me for the past week because I assume the best way to will spring into coming, is to dress appropriately. Apparently that isn't doing the trick since it was still 32 degrees this morning. But in keeping with my defiant attitude for the past week, I sure am still dressing like it's spring. Take THAT winter.

Happy Monday Interweb.


Marlene said...


Soooo ready for Spring over here.

I'm all about week-long Birthday celebrations. Glad you had a good one and I hope your hip appreciated the down time!

Indi said...

Nice!! I'm all with you on willing spring to come. I did pack some sunshine with me from vacay, but not sure how long that can last!
and btw - You totally did more than me. I ran zilch, zero...yep. Back to training again!!

JF said...

Spring is just around the corner here in Memphis! 68 this coming weekend! I am running my fiest half in about 3 weeks and I am expecting a butt kicking!

RunnuRMark said...

hey, I personally think it's working. it's supposed to reach the 50's this weekend!!!

Mike said...

How dare you rain on my winter parade. That's OK. I've met only two other people in this life who love winter as much as I, so I'm calloused to the winter remarks from spring/summer people. Just be prepared to hear me verbally slay the hot summer months. Yuck.

Mike said...

Oh yeah.


Sherri said...

I totally tried the dress like it is spring gig today too! And I froze my toosh off...literally! I hope you had better luck! =)

Christina said...

I just found my blog and it seems your a tad bit nervous about your upcoming race. :) You'll do great. You have a marathon under your belt and know what to expect and what you want to do different. trust in yourself.

Christina said...

I was SUPER nervous before my 2nd marathon. I'm a worrier anyways but I worried about everything. Each ache, whether I would bonk, would I be too hot, too cold, what if I got thirsty, what if I had to pee? what if I had to poo? on and on. I wrote a post about poo and also about my nutrition and what I did (and I think it worked well for me) if you're interested.