Tuesday, September 14, 2010

four weeks to chicago. and life.

I'm beating myself up because I really wanted to keep a GOOD blog record for me and me alone regarding my Chicago training. That's been a total fail. Sigh. But there is no time like the present to try and get back on the 'training log' horse and leave posts about my training for future me. So future me, here you go. A recap of the past three weeks of training.

I've had some bumps in my training road, sometimes I wonder if they are self inflicted because of procrastination, lack of sleep and bad planning on my part (highly likely). But some things during training have been out of my control, like trying to keep my body healthy and away from injury, dealing with things like sinus infections, spending time with my family and keeping my social life (all things i refuse to compromise at this point for some marathon). Oh and that little thing I do called working full time during the week and teaching college at night. You know, the stuff most normal runners deal with. Real LIFE.

All in all, despite the bumps in my training road, I've been happy with the number of miles I've been logging. I may not be hitting my long runs like I've wanted, or as many miles as I've wanted, but my weekly mileage is still surpassing that of any previous marathon training cycle. That fact alone is helping me cope with the long run sabotage I've been dealing with. And it could very well be self-sabotage on the long run thing, I'm that kind of girl. I sub-consciously and unknowingly sabotage areas of my life because I am either scared sh!tless or worried about failure. It's a problem. I just hope someone else out there does this. Well I know a few people who do, but they aren't runners. So I mean in regard to running, natch.

Does anyone else accidentally self-sabotage your training? Hmmmmm. I'm not much of a blahggie question asker, but I really mean this one. I'm curious.

Moving on. So here is some TMI (especially for any male readers, i apologize) some of my long run sabotage has come in the form of that pesky female friend most girls get. The thing is, most female runners don't get THAT problem once they start training for marathons. Not me, I have huge issues and unfortunately that's what sabotaged my long run this weekend. What was supposed to be 20 miler ended up being 14 tear and pain (in the form of female stomach cramps) filled miles ending with me vomiting on the side of the street, sitting on a curb and calling the Edder to come and pick me up. Good stuff. Did I mention that it sucks? So there was that issue to contend with this weekend.

However, like I said, despite my long runs either not happening or not being as long as I want it's all good. I'm okay with it. I'm not running Chicago to beat any times or be a bad ass. I just want to finish strong and be able to actually RUN it. With my friends. I realized this weekend that at this time last year I was hobbling around on crutches with my second stress fracture and at a pretty low point in my life. I realized that I've gone all year without a major injury, I've had my blips of hip and calf issues yes, but nothing like being sidelined for months on end while gaining 17 pounds in a depressed stupor (yeah, that was me last fall). Wow, I'm on an honesty kick today.

My point is I am not injured and I'm getting ready to run my second marathon of the year. That's a pretty huge success for this girl who isn't built or made for long distance running. I've decided and realized my threshold is around 16 miles, I think I'm meant to be a half marathoner, and I plan to focus on that after Chicago. Big time. As in starting to get faster and pop off PRs in half marathons and 10Ks, as much as possible. But that's a different blog post.

Enough of the TMI and honesty. Let's get to the running shall we. The past three weeks training:

Week 9 - Chicago Training
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - 6 miles
Thursday - 4 miles
Saturday - 19 miles
Total = 33 miles

August monthly mileage total = 120.77

Week 10 - Chicago Training (we aren't going to talk about this week, shhhh)
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - 6 miles
Friday - 6 miles
Saturday - 6 miles
Total = 22 miles (FAIL)

Week 11 - Chicago Training
Monday - 7 miles
Wednesday - 8 miles
Thursday - 6 miles
Saturday - 2 miles
Sunday - 14.31 miles
Total = 37.31 miles


teacherwoman said...

I know that there are times where I have felt that I have self-sabotaged my training plan.... like when I went to CA for a week 1 week before my triathlon and did no training what-so-ever while I was there.

You're doing great! Keep it up!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Unfortunately it happens. I did self sabotage my training once, sort of. I had grand plans to start training for a full marathon (in January 2011), right after I finished my first ever half marathon.

It was a mistake. psychologically, I wouldn't have been ready to take off to a different city AND country in January. (No Marathons in Canada that time of year). I was also having some leg pains (blessing in disguise?) So I just didn't get out there and train.

In the end it worked out okay because my NEW training schedule finishes just in time for a February "winter" Marathon in a city that is a short flight from where I live.

Tricia said...

I've been slacking on documenting my training as well. Good luck with the rest of yours!

RunnuRMark said...

Yep. Just TMI all around. Really. But I do hope you feel great up through your race and make it through injury free! Wish I was doing Chicago...sounds like so much fun. Someday.

Kelsie said...

Same thing happened to me on my 20 miler preparing for LA this year. I was devastated. Ended up finishing the marathon and feeling great, despite not getting one of my long runs in. I'm running Chicago as well this year, last long run is this Sunday (20-22). After 8 marathons, I still get long run anxiety - wondering how I ever did before and how can I do it again. So I guess we are similar in that way.

Good luck on 10.10.10. Take care of yourself these final weeks before Chicago and know that you will have an amazing marathon day! :)

Jesse said...

I read something about girly problems and then skipped over the rest of your post. Ooops.

Lisa said...

looks like one off week. I think you'll do fine. :-)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

My sister is a major self sabotager...is that a word? To the point that she takes no action.. You are doing it the best you can under the circumstances..

So TMi I have an IUD and no longer get my monthly gift.. I may get slight cramps but no flow and no major issues, LOVE LOVE it!!

Marathon with friends are AMAZING!! Marlene and I had a BLAST.. Rock it out sister, then go CRAZY on halfs..

onelittletrigirl said...

funny you should ask about the self sabotage; I think that is exactly my problem with PDR. Or fear of reinjury. Or that!

Irene said...

RE: TMI ... You sound a lot like my daughter and monthly issues... It was suggested that she use evening primrose oil capsules. It wasn't a fix all, but it helped lessen the severity until she was old enough to be put on some type of hormones. Maybe get checked out at the doc to see if there's something that you can do to help yourself out.

Mizunomark said...

You did the work now this is the fun part YAY!!! enjoy your time doing the Marathon. Don't forget to drop by and say hello.