Wednesday, December 29, 2010

jingle bell 5K. 2010 running goals, check!

True to form as of late, I'm writing this race report and update a week and a half after the fact. Awesome. Meh, I've been busy eating. To start, I've had a very eventful two weeks. Namely the fact that I am now a real life aunt! Very exciting news in our family, my sister had a sweet baby girl December 22 and I couldn't be more thrilled for her and her husband. This precious baby girl has been a much anticipated blessing, sadly I won't get to meet her until February. I can't wait to snuggle her senseless when I finally meet her in person. I am already absolutely in love with her, I can't imagine how I'll feel when I get to hold her!

Moving on, this is supposed to be a race report! As I mentioned I ran the Reindeer 5K the week before Christmas. I was going for a PR to reach my 2010 race goals, and honestly also for the mere fact that I love pushing myself to PR all the time. Yes, I'm one of THOSE runners, no secret of course. It's a problem, I know. The good news is I did snag my PR and I met my 2010 race goal of PR'ing in every race distance. I'm a bit shocked I did this actually, but perhaps I shouldn't be. All I needed was an injury free year to really 'get there.'

Official Results:
30/243 OA

I don't have any stats other than those. This was a first year race and apparently they didn't do age groups or gender. Which is fine, but hopefully next year they add it in, because it was a really fun race on a good course.

A 5k is a 5k, in my opinion it's hard to report on. They are all lung-burning hard when you try and PR! What else is there to say other than I trained with some speedwork the weeks leading up to the race, and then went balls to the wall, tried my best, used the same race strategies I always do (start conservative, end with all out effort) and it paid off. It was a blast. Of course I found a little competition on the course, a girl who I kept going back and forth with over and over. Until mile 2 when I finally decided it was time to let loose and get after it. Not gonna lie, that is a fun feeling, leaving someone in the dust that you've been going head to head with for two miles. To her credit, she wasn't far behind me at the finish.

My oldest sister, brother in law, and father did this race as well, for all of them it was their first 5k and they did fantastically. My dad is 64 and just recently finished radiation treatments. How incredible is THAT? I was so proud! Of all of them. But mostly my dad. It was fun racing with the whole family. And while there are some great pictures of the race, they are all on my mother's camera. And seeing how she is currently in Los Angeles playing with her new granddaughter, I have a feeling I'm not going to get my insignificant racing pictures anytime soon. That niece of mine is already totally stealing my thunder...

I have so many posts I want to write. I am starting to train for my spring marathon, the Oz Marathon. I have high hopes for that race. I've even secured myself coaching help and a pacer in Coach Scott to help me reach my goal. And no, it is most definitely not a BQ. Much more on all of that later. We are currently finalizing my training plan, once that is done, I'll start the countdown and endless blather about my Oz 'm'. And everything else I want to blather about. I've really missed blogging lately, I have been all sporadic and spastic about it the last year. But I honestly am starting to miss it. A lot.


Hannah said...

Way to kick ass this year, Beka! So proud of you. Looking forward to logging miles with you in 2011. And slapping your bum.

Congrats on your niece! Yay!

Indi said...

congrats on an awesome racing year! And a huge congrats to your dad for finishing this and radiation therapy! that is so, so awesome and so glad you all got to do it together!!

RunnuRMark said...

Sweet! That is pretty impressive. I would have done the same thing if I didn't fail miserably at my marathon this year.

And a big hurray for Oz! I'll see you there. Hopefully I'll have a big smile on my face after taking sweet revenge on that damn course!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Congrats on another good race auntie FWR. I must not be a very good detective, cause I wasn't able to track you down on FB... You'll probably have to give me some more instructions :-(

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You are a rock star.. Oz Marathon, will you run in red ruby slippers??

Hugs miss ya!!

Soooo do you like "Step Brothers"??

"You sound like Fergie and Jesus." LMAO, or maybe it was the bubbly.. hehehe

Laura said...

Congratulations, and cheers to blogging more in 2011 :)