Wednesday, August 31, 2011

hot mess indeed.

SO. It's totally been one of THOSE weeks. You know the kind. Where your car gets broken into, your dog has conjunctivitis, you get charged $60 for an membership you didn't sign up for (yet you did, sneaky marketers and stupid check boxes), your cat keeps vomiting on your new rug, you find out some not-so-great news that causes you to cry for a good two hours of your Saturday morning and bums you out all weekend, you go to physical therapy where your legs are torn up to the point of wicked bruising and it  hurts a LOT when you run, you try and make a certain thing for dinner you've been craving and go to the store only to find out they are of course out of two key ingredients you need to make said dinner, oh and where of course you attempt two early morning runs--both thwarted?

Yerp. That. Is. My. Week. But I refuse to be defeated.

Sigh. Instead I'll show you the killer impressive bruise that is on a 'to remain nameless' part of my body....coughahem.... from physical therapy on Monday. This sucker is spectacular, no?

*i was making dinner monday night talking to the edder and was all, oh man i bet i'm gonna have a bruise where i had PT today, and i pull down my shorts? uhhhhh, yeah. that bruise doesn't look so big in the picture, trust me it's like the size of my fist.*

That is all.

Moving on. Thwarted six-miler this morning. If it wasn't bad enough my car had gotten broken into, my run got ruined. A happy runner this does not make. Livid is a term that comes to mind. Nothing like getting in your car only to realize stuff is strewn about all nimbly-bimbly! It was highly confusing. I sat in my car a good few minutes before I even realized what had happened. Then made the phone call to my running buddy that I needed to deal with it. Then woke the Edder up to tell him. Then called the police. Then I cried. Because that's what girls do. We cry. Man... I have only felt more violated two other times in my life. Such an awful feeling! I've never been robbed before, it kinda sucks! And by kind of, I mean it sucks a big one.

This week is awesome. That is what I keep telling myself. As I rock back and forth in a ball in my office chair. My office-mate is LUCKY. At least I got some pity Starbucks this morning from said office-mate. So there is that. And did manage to squeeze in two (not so painless) miles this morning with Milo (the not so reliable guard dog), who ran off leash most of the time--BOOM.  Considering the morning, I'll call it a success.

And yes, I realize all my problems are very 'first world' issues. Life is not that awful, I realize that my issues are minimal in comparison. But that doesn't mean I can't whine about them every now and again... right? RIGHT?! Just one of those weeks, venting was needed. DONE!



J said...

Ugg that stinks about your car! So sorry to hear about that and hope you are feeling better now.

Carolina John said...

oh none of that is fun at all! Bless your heart. Keep your chin up, next week will be better.

Lisa said...

never had my car broken into. that would freak me out. but all of these things can be fixed. time and patience. :-)

Marlene said...

That is a whole lot of CRAPPY STUFF! I hope the week is nothing bug good from here on out.

B.o.B. said...

whine away sister! all of those things would make me cry too. my car got broken into before and yeah, it totally sucks. hang in there!!!

lindsay said...

i dislike shady practices by companies like that ( booooo.

sorry also about the car, dog and bruise. i had stuff stolen from my locker at my high school job - the violated-feeling sucks!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

man, when it rains is pours!! But you have the right attitude about keeping positive and moving forward, I'm sure this week will be better!