Tuesday, September 6, 2011

best part of my day.

My morning run in 55 degree weather. No.

Let that sink in.

FIFTY. FIVE. DEGREES. No humidity. I even put on a long sleeve shirt. My face got chilly, my cheeks were all red after my run, my hands a little numb.

It was incredible. After the 'summer on the surface of the sun' (read: endless days of 100+ temps), in early September I got to run in FIFTY FIVE DEGREE WEATHER. With my dog. In the peace and quiet of early morning. No iPod. No Garmin. No running buddies. Just me and Milo. And even though it didn't feel like an easy painless run (none of them have been lately), it was the best run I've had in a really long time.

After the first mile I just forgot about everything, let go and ran hard. Milo kept up, I've been working to get him in shape for this, and it is paying off. I can now just let him run beside me, off the leash, worry free. He is always right there. My favorite little running buddy. Then before I knew it we were back home. Both out of breath, chilly and smiling. All peaceful, content and happy. I worked some junk out on my run. I really needed that.

*milo happily trotting along in front of me on our run*


Lisa said...

55 degrees?!?! I'm jealous!!

Indi said...

Perfect!!! Best way to start the day and week and month!! Love it!

Marlene said...

We had the same kind of morning here. I was even shivering when we finished. LOVE!

Jesse - Run To The Border said...

Can't imagine how good it would feel to run in 55 degrees after the summer that Witchita's been having. Good way to get rolling after the long weekend.

Laura Belle said...

Can I get a hallelujah!! God it feels great outside!

lindsay said...

Ooh this sounds SO nice right now. Still humid here, but better!