Thursday, September 15, 2011

beyond bruises and astym.

Right. So it's no secret I'm a bruised up leopard like of a runner right now. It turns out, that all the junk the resulting bruises from ASTYM and deep tissue work, on top of that fantastic 19 miler Saturday allowed a hip strain to show it's true colors. The other junk was covering it up, and while it was there a little under the surface, those 19 wonderful miles sent it over the edge in to pure pain.

Imagine a knife being stabbed into your hip (front and side) every time you took a step, lifted your leg, or moved. That's pretty much what I'm dealing with. It's again time to re-evaluate my marathon. After three hours of tears and turmoil and thinking and evaluating there were some decisions made. Maybe I will run a marathon, maybe I won't. At the very least I will run the half. And whatever will be will be. It may be time I just let go of the marathon and focus what I'm good at. Running half marathons and shorter distances, and supporting other people in their running endeavours. Time will tell. I'm open to wherever I'm supposed to be and doing whatever I'm supposed to be doing.

For now, I'm puffy and bruised up today, but it's all good. I had some great treatments this morning at PT and while the pain is still there, I'm hopeful I'll return to running soon. More lessons learned. More tweaking to my running. More injuries behind me. But healthier and happier, every day. It's a process for me. I'm learning. The important thing is that I'll get back to running and be ready to pummel some races. Or maybe just run alongside some of my favorite people in the world (like my sisters, and this girl), supporting them in their new running adventures. Either way, deep down I'm a happy girl. And it's all okay.

And look at it this way, if I wasn't always getting injured and growing and learning and being all dramatic... what the hell would I write about on this blog?!  That's what I thought. So it's agreed, at least I have endless topics to blather on about to the blahgesphere...


Carolina John said...

Hang in there, the right path will reveal itself soon enough. Maybe it will be trail ultra's, who knows?

Marlene said...

Ooooh or maybe it's TRIATHLONS!!! Oops, sorry, I promised myself I would never be a "tri-pusher". :P

But in all seriousness, I'm really sorry! I hope it feels better quick and doesn't derail you too much!