Monday, September 19, 2011

three weeks to prairie fire. trying not to sneeze.

You know it's a good old fashioned hip strain when you sneeze and it hurts. And you wince every time you get up, or go down stairs, or lift your leg... and then you brace yourself for another sneeze. Apparently I am 80. Prairie Fire is in three short weeks and whether or not I'll be running in it is up in the air. Running the half that is. The full marathon? Notagonnahappen. And it's okay.

For now, it's time to wipe the slate clean of those three marathons I had planned this fall. Oh ambitious young grasshopper, you'd think I would learn. Right?! Not so much. If my hip is in shape for it, I'll run the Prairie Fire half, if not, I'll spectate. From my front yard. And wait at the finish line for my pals then host a celebration at my house afterwards.

So that's that. No marathon for me this year. The bright side in this is that I love half marathons, and I'll continue running those. They don't tear me up. Maybe I'll start swimming. Maybe I'll bike. Maybe I'll try some triathlon's. Or maybe I'll just eat Cheetos and Nutter Butters and watch trashy TV. Who knows. I'm not making any plans of any sort. Although Cheetos are REALLY good... Now I want some Cheetos. For now, I'm just gonna roll with what feels right.

Clearly I don't have any training to report. I did some yoga last week. Um...ouch. But after plenty of rest this weekend and more physical therapy (including ultrasound and e-stim) my hip is feeling much better and I have the clear to do some yoga again. Seeing how my legs are going nuts, you better believe I'm plopping my mat in that yoga studio at 12p sharp today and enjoying every second of it!


Casey said...

Injuries are jerks and have awful timing, but your attitude is great! good luck!


Indi said...

Its all about attitude and yours is truly awesome! Life is a journey and this is all part of our learning process!! Hugs!

Lisa said...

cheetos are sounding pretty good to me right now. hahahahaha. thanks for planting that idea in my head.

ajh said...

Halves are a great distance. Hope it works out that you can do the half but you have a great attitude if you can't.

Mark said...

Cheetos are awesome. But so is running. I like to combine the two.

You know what's even worse than sneezing with a hip strain? Sneezing the day after hernia surgery. Trust me on that one.

Hope you get to feeling better SOON!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

So sorry friend... :( Hang in there!!!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

My blogging hasn't been very consistant lately. I'll have to go back and read some of your recent posts.

I feel for your hip issue. I hope you can figure out some rehab, and then a maintenance routine that gets rid of hip pain for good.

Missed you at J&L. Enjoy a Nutter Butter for me.