Friday, December 16, 2011

best part of my day. running.

Running. Splashing through huge puddles in the chilly dark, getting my feet soaked, running garmin free, letting iTunes pick the music, with my dog at my side. Happiness.

It's easy for me to let this time of year stress me out and make me anxious. I've been combating that a few different ways this year, one way being running. It used to be that running stressed me out too, because I let it. But I've learned that if I approach running MY way it reduces my stress and allows me come home a very refreshed, clear headed, happy girl. I realize most runners already have this all figured out in their running. Well, I'm slow. I didn't. It takes me awhile to get things figured out and working in my hard little fluffer nutter head.

The key to my new, fresh approach on running? It's running on my terms. I've been running Garmin free, with no goals, no obligations, no one to meet, no one to keep up with or slow down for, no one to keep a conversation with, no distances to be met... nothing. I suppose I've become a happy winter running hermit. Which for now, is exactly what I want and need.

While I love running with my friends for the company and motivation (I wouldn't trade those runs with my girlfriends for anything) and love having a race to train for, what I've needed most in running is what I've been doing lately. And I've never been happier in my running than I am now. I literally get home in the evenings, put on my running junk while Milo brings me his collar and leash (yes, he sees my running shoes and goes and gets his own collar and leash) in outlandish giddy anticipation and then we set out. And run. As fast as we want (he loves running fast in the winter), as far as we want, and stopping to admire Christmas lights (or for milo pee on shiz) when we want.

Basically. I DO WHAT I WANT. I love running again. Pure and simple.


Marlene said...

Sounds refreshing! Enjoy. :)

abbi said...

I love this and totally relate. Nothing better than a run with a dog at my side...or my music, I can't seem to do both together though!

Carolina John said...

Yay! It's so good to love running again. Enjoy it!

lindsay said...

i wish i could run garmin-less like the "olden days". i'm a stats nerd... it doesn't affect me that much while i'm running, i just want to have the data for when i get back.

i hope when i start running again/regularly i will find the love again too! i've loved it and turned it into a chore/source of stress, and i definitely need/want to make it a love again.

dave ramsey! so nice to know other level-headed, financial savvy people in this crazy material-driven world.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Glad you're doing what it takes to enjoy running. Maybe this answers why I haven't seen you at Joggers and Lagers :-) No worries. But I do notice your absence. (Don't confuse that sentence with peer pressure).

Anyhow, thanks for introducing me to J&L this year. Have a happy holiday!