Monday, January 30, 2012

best part of my day.

It was actually a week ago, but it still makes me happy. As mentioned I'm training for the OKC half marathon with some girlfriends. We run Saturday mornings as a group. Last Saturday it was a balmy 12 degrees (real feel of 1 degree) when we set out for our run. I've been bringing Milo along for our training runs. Mostly because he needs the exercise, but also because he loves to be out and running with the girls. I can't deny him the level of happiness he gets from running. It's too precious.

After we finished up last week we noticed Milo had gotten a bit icy on his chin. What a good buddy, he didn't even complain. We tried to get him to sit to for a picture, he of course took this to mean it was belly rubbing time. Regardless, I got a good enough picture of his icy little chin. Happy as can be.

I love that dog. The best part of having him run with us is the fact that he loves to be the leader of the pack, he is all "Hey girls, I've got this, you just follow me, I'm going to make sure we are all safe and accounted for. FOLLOW MEEEEEEEEE!! Also, I love you guys. A lot. This is awesome. Let's do this every week, okay? Also did I mention that I love you and that this is awesome?" Pretty sure those are his exact thoughts.

If you didn't know, shepherd dogs love herding, love running and love having people to keep track of. Saturday morning training group is Milo's ideal start to a perfect day.


Indi said...

Milo is the awesomest!!! I can totally see him happy as ever icy chin and all :)

Marlene said...

SUPER sweet. :) You make me want a dog.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You almost make me want a dog.. ALMOST..

Paul said...

That's so fun! Me want a dog like Milo!

Very wife and I gradually became allergic to dogs and cats..Boo 8(