Thursday, February 2, 2012

my faves: my sisters

Any girl who has a sister or two knows that there is just something to having a sister, unexplainable, complex and invaluable. I mean, whether you like it or not you are in each others lives from birth to death. That's big. My relationships with my sisters have been up and down, there has been screaming, yelling, and hate but also hugs, endless support, love and more laughs and fun than can ever be counted.We can share brutal honesty and at the end of the day know it's in our best interest. It's a safe and fantastic relationship we all have, and one that I don't take for granted.

Because I know if my ass ever starts to get too big? Or I'm wearing a questionable outfit? I can count on my sisters to tell me to put down the chocolate, or take the ugly off, walk away, do some cardio and buy something new....

  *i look unusually big compared to my sisters here, while in fact that one in the middle? she is almost 6' tall.... she has mercy on us and squats for pics. youngest to oldest starting with me on the left*

I am the youngest of three girls, it was no easy task to grow up under the shadow of these two really amazing girls. They offered me a lot to live up to, but also a lot to look up to. There's just something to the fact that we have literally been through pretty much everything together. And there is love and support for each other no matter what. Basically it kicks ass.

I've pretty much been the only runner in my family for quite some time. My dad got me started running as a kid, but I'm the only one who really took off with running and.... well, for lack of a better term "ran with it." While my sisters have run off and on, it was never anything we did together. We all lived in different cities for quite awhile, on opposite sides of the country. It just never worked out that we could join forces and run together. Or race together.

Until recently. My oldest sister moved back to Wichita and we have now run several races together. At Thanksgiving all three of us ran a 5k together. Sunday, we are going to run a half marathon together. FINALLY! I've watied years to do the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA, it just never worked out that I could get out there and do it! I guess really it was just a matter of waiting for the right time and right people (i.e. my sisters) do the race with. It all worked out this year! While it will just be my oldest sister and I running the half marathon now, our other sister will be there cheering us on, along with our sweet niece, all color coordinated to match our running outfits.

It's going to be fun to run this race along the ocean with my sister, I love getting to run alongside a runner doing their first big race. It's almost better than a PR. And I can't wait to blather all about it and vomit words and pictures all over this blahg of mine regarding my trip to LA and the race. Get excited! Beachy race vomit is on it's way! Can I get a SQUUUEEEEE?


Marlene said...

Sisters are the bestest! I soooo wish mine would run! Or be healthy in general, for that matter. ;/

ANYWAY have a super awesome beachy time! JEALLY!

lindsay said...

Awesome! I was similar with my sisters - I was the lone runner. Now it's catching on and they're joining in the fun. We've done a couple "sister 5k's" together and it's nice to add running rambles to the list of stuff we gab about.

Have a fun time!!

Indi said...

Have a total blast!! you guys look so cute together! Love it!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love this!! I ran a Half Marathon with my sister this Summer, her first, and I CHERISHED that time training with her and helping her reach her goals. You all are BEAUTIFUL!!